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Fall 1999 Message

President’s Message
by Lou Herrera


Friday night, September 24, 1999 will live in the annals of the Historical Society as a luminous memory in the City’s history.  It was our honor to name Roger L. Mayer the first recipient of the Society’s “Heart of Screenland Star” Award for his contributions to preserving the City’s film heritage.  All who attended were sincerely moved by Roger’s acceptance speech and his heartfelt appreciation for Culver City, the preservation efforts of the Society, and the quality and value of “Visions of Grandeur,” Part I of Culver City: The Reel Hollywood.

I have known Roger for many years and, like everyone else who participated in this special evening, I was overwhelmed at the turnout of stars and the warm ambiance of the entire affair.  My deepest thanks to all involved in helping to create this history-making event!

And regarding our upcoming elections, I’m happy to give the following report from the 1999 Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee was called to order by Parliamentarian, Edna Larkin, on Tuesday, September 28 and offered the following slate of officers for a two-year term beginning January 2000; all have agreed to serve:

President: Don Rogers; 1st Vice President: Cathy Zermeno; 2nd Vice President: Sandy Burton; 3rd Vice President: Reba Yuddes; Secretary: Ken Ruben; and Treasurer: Virgie Eskridge.  The new president will appoint the parliamentarian and committee chairs.  Respectfully submitted, 1999 Nominating Committee (Susan Berg, Julie Lugo Cerra and Cathy Zermeno).

I strongly urge you all to come out on Wednesday, October 27th and support Your Historical Society.

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