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A Recap of the “Heart of Screenland Star” Award Event

Notes From Your City Historian
by Julie Lugo Cerra

The “Heart of Screenland Star” Award event was a wonderful nostalgic trip back to the glory days. In Culver City, in “the olden days,” the major employers were the studios, Helms Bakeries and Hughes Aircraft. In just my family alone, my grandfather, Aunt Jean, Uncle George, cousin Georgie and I have all worked for the industry at one time or another. In my husband Sam’s family, his father, sister, brother, sister-in-law and uncles worked for the studios.

The San Gennaro repast was delightful, and the floral décor was a tribute to movie industry florists, the Eskridges (Culver Center Flowers) who also provided a “silver-dusted” boutonnière and a corsage for honoree Roger Mayer and his wife Pauline. Stu Freeman, Judy Stangler (Event Chair), Ross Hawkins, Sandy Burton and Karen Coyle worked hard to pull this off and they deserve congratulations.

This event and the Wizard of Oz fundraiser are proof that many of us really enjoy celebrating our local history and there is cause to get together more often. It is a tribute to our able president Lou Herrera, that we are back on track, fundraising for a needed museum.
And in honor of Mr. Mayer, I have put together the special Film Timeline insert which should bring back many memories…..

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