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Other Ways to Give

by Anissa Di Vincente

Item Donations

Many long-time residents have bestowed their trust on the Historical Society by giving us the honor of preserving and archiving their family history and artifacts.

The donation of in-kind records, media, documents and historic artifacts is welcomed.

Did you clean out a garage, attic or basement? 

Maybe you came across something related to Culver City’s historic past, like a photo, business card or matchbook from a business that is no longer here.  Let’s see what you got!

Your Historical Society can be the home of your Culver City treasures, preserving and displaying them for future generations.

Send a photo and brief description of your treasures to Info@culvercityhistoricalsociety.org.


Ralphs Rewards Card

Ralphs Community Contribution program gives the Society donations each time you use your Ralphs Rewards Card. Register your Ralphs Rewards Card online, then in the organization search box, enter “Culver City Historical Society” and select it.

Instructions on how to register your Ralphs Rewards Card. 

Culver City Historical Society Building