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City Archives

by Anissa Di Vincente

The Historical Society archive acts as a satellite repository for City Hall records.
Included are documents from the offices of city council members and other officials.

The Parks and Recreation Dept. under the direction of Syd Kronenthal for more than 50 years, maintained complete records of programs, offerings, events and activities in huge scrapbooks which are available in the archive.

The history of La Ballona Fiesta since 1948 is documented through the years.

The Olympics of 1932 and 1984.

The historical record of various civic groups such as Chamber of Commerce, Optimists, Soroptimists, Lions Club and Woman’s Club are also represented here.

Records Include

  • Culver City Sister City – Early Collection
  • Culver City Chamber of Commerce: 1920-1990’s
  • Culver City Newpaper Collection
  • Evening Star News: 1925-1947
  • Citizen Newspapers
  • Microfilm: 1940’s-1980’s
  • Culver City Woman’s Club: 1920’s-1940’s
  • Culver City Unified School District
  • Sandford Bodger Collection: 1964-1982
  • Culver City Maps: 1920 streets / Annexation map
  • Pacific Electric / Time Warner – Shay Hotel Dig
  • Fox Hills Country Club/Symantec Dig
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