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About Culver City Historical Society

The Culver HotelThe Culver City Historical Society began in 1979 with an exploratory meeting hosted by former Fire Chief John Kearney and his wife, Mildred. Their Garfield Avenue home was crowded with interested locals. Frank McCann emerged in the leadership role.

In 1980, the Society became a reality with bylaws written by parliamentary experts Rusty Kostick and Esther Tarn. Two-year terms of office were stipulated to give each president and board enough time to accomplish their goals. Incorporation papers were drawn up and filed, courtesy of local resident Paul Jacobs, who also served on the Culver City Council.

The Culver City Historical Society began to meet monthly at the Veterans Memorial Building. With the interest of the newly-formed Society at heart, Mr. McCann stepped back due to serious illness. Catherine Zermeno took office as the founding president at McCann’s request.

Individuals who joined within a prescribed time that first year were designated as “Founding Members.” The Culver City Historical Society began to collect historic items immediately, and the saved records, photos and artifacts were moved from members’ homes and garages to temporary quarters like the Helms Building, WLAC, and Bank of the West until 2007, when an agreement was signed with the City of Culver City to lease space in the Veterans Memorial Building.

Although the times, technology, and practices have changed since inception, the Culver City Historical Society continues its commitment to preserve local history and reaches out to all sectors of the population, from young children to senior citizens.