Fall 1999 Message

President’s Message
by Lou Herrera


Friday night, September 24, 1999 will live in the annals of the Historical Society as a luminous memory in the City’s history.  It was our honor to name Roger L. Mayer the first recipient of the Society’s “Heart of Screenland Star” Award for his contributions to preserving the City’s film heritage.  All who attended were sincerely moved by Roger’s acceptance speech and his heartfelt appreciation for Culver City, the preservation efforts of the Society, and the quality and value of “Visions of Grandeur,” Part I of Culver City: The Reel Hollywood.

I have known Roger for many years and, like everyone else who participated in this special evening, I was overwhelmed at the turnout of stars and the warm ambiance of the entire affair.  My deepest thanks to all involved in helping to create this history-making event!

And regarding our upcoming elections, I’m happy to give the following report from the 1999 Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee was called to order by Parliamentarian, Edna Larkin, on Tuesday, September 28 and offered the following slate of officers for a two-year term beginning January 2000; all have agreed to serve:

President: Don Rogers; 1st Vice President: Cathy Zermeno; 2nd Vice President: Sandy Burton; 3rd Vice President: Reba Yuddes; Secretary: Ken Ruben; and Treasurer: Virgie Eskridge.  The new president will appoint the parliamentarian and committee chairs.  Respectfully submitted, 1999 Nominating Committee (Susan Berg, Julie Lugo Cerra and Cathy Zermeno).

I strongly urge you all to come out on Wednesday, October 27th and support Your Historical Society.

Summer 1999 Message

President’s Message
by Lou Herrera


On behalf of the entire Board of the Culver City Historical Society, I am proud to announce our choice for the first presentation of the “Heart of Screenland Star” Award: Mr. Roger L. Mayer.

Mr. Mayer who is President and COO of Turner Entertainment Company has long supported the preservation and archival work of the Society and its four-part documentary project, Culver City: The Reel Hollywood.  He has given us his time and counsul, contributing to the authenticating of materials that are part of the painstaking elements that go into making such an important film history.

With so many various and sundry awards around, one might ask why another?  The Historical Society depends on the support of many volunteers, organizations and businesses to continue its mission of collecting, preserving and exhibiting the history of Culver City and its cultural and civic accomplishments for future generations.  As a non-profit organization, we determined that we might best thank these many individuals by honoring them with a token of our appreciation and gratitude.

Thus, the “Heart of Screenland Star” Award was created to acknowledge the contributions made to the Culver City community and to the Historical Society by civic and business leaders, filmmakers, artisans and prominent volunteers, among others.

It is a great honor for the Society to present this, the first “Heart of Screenland Star” Award to Roger L. Mayer who has demonstrated his commitment to film preservation on an international scale and his support to the activities of our local community and to the Culver City Historical Society.  I urge you to all to mark your calendars for Friday, September 24th and plan to join us in honoring Mr. Mayer and in helping to build the Culver City Historical Museum.

Remember, it’s your Historical Society – I’m always available and can be reached at (310) 838-1073.

Spring 1999 Message

President’s Message
by Lou Herrera


In my first message as your new President, I shared with you my dream of establishing an Historical Museum.  This is the legacy I hope to leave with the Society, but progress has been slow, and, to date, the many leads and discussions has shown no tangible results.  We need to rally our membership and the community to become more actively involved in this quest.

We have made some headway, however, with finding a work area for our volunteers.  In addition to the storage we have been generously given by the Antique Guild, we have recently secured additional warehouse space from Ways & Means Committee Chairman Stu Freeman.

This is great, but we are still hopeful of having one space where all of our records, photos, newspapers and assorted memorabilia can be housed.  I’m putting out the call for such a space and hope that our members will help us find it!  If any of you have information or suggestions, please let me know.

Also, we need museum funds to accumulate for this purpose.  We respectfully request donations from our membership, both individual and corporate.  For your reference, we have an IRS tax exempt status so contributions may be tax deductible.

I look forward to seeing many of you at our next General Membership Meeting on April 28th and welcome your comments and participation.  Remember, I’m always available and can be reached at (310) 838-1073.

Winter 1999 Message

President’s Message
by Lou Herrera

A WONDERFUL AND PROSPEROUS 1999 TO EVERYONE! The new year will bring many challenges and we all hope it will close with much more accomplishment.

The last General Membership Meeting in November was a wonderful success and a strong kick-off for the Museum Capital Campaign.  The panel discussion on “A Museum for Culver City” was most informative and provided honest insights into the trials and travails as well as the blessings of creating a museum from scratch.

I want to personally thank our outstanding panelists for coming and sharing their personal stories: Russell Davies of the Pacific Railroad Society, Louise Gabriel of the Santa Monica Historical Society, Walker Haskell of the Historical Society of Centinela Valley, and Marvin Page of Marvin Page Motion Picture & Television Archives.  And, of course, our wonderful Julie Lugo Cerra who so ably moderated the discussion.

Edith Prager’s passing this past Fall left a hole in our lives and on the CCHS Board.  I would like to encourage one of our members to seriously consider giving one evening a month to your CCHS as our new Secretary.  We’re entering a very exciting period of growth for the Society and I invite you to be an integral part of it.

Also, I want you all to become actively involved with the Society and volunteer for one of the committees which need your support to make the CCHS strong and valuable to the community.  Please take a moment and call (310) 838-1073 and tell us which committee fits your personal area of interest, then come out and have some fun!

My thanks go out to all those members who attended the December 7th Redevelopment Agency Meeting and spoke out on behalf of the CCHS and the need for a community museum.  Your voice was heard.

As President of the CCHS, I’m dedicating my time and energies to making the Culver City Museum a reality and I hope you will join me in this mission.  I believe the time is now and I believe that you all will pitch in and aid me in this crucial endeavor.  Let’s make 1999 truly a banner year!

Fall 1998 Message

President’s Message
by Lu Herrera

For my column this month, I thought a recent letter I wrote to Mayor Sandi Levin and Members of the City Council would tell you how strongly I feel about the importance of our having a Culver City Community Museum and how dedicated I am to making it a reality.

Dear Mayor Levin and Members of the City Council:

As the new president of your Culver City Historical Society, I am making a much needed Community Museum the principal goal for my two year term. Syd Kroenthal, my right hand man,” has committed to work with me towards this end. As we are all aware, Culver City, the Heart of Screenland, has a rich history which should be shared.

The Society has collected historic memorabilia and continues to catalog photos and other donated items for display. We have storage space provided by two local merchants, but the precious items are also sprinkled throughout the city, in government offices and in homes. There is no single space to store, protect and display the history of Culver City.

Our Society, since its incorporation in 1980 has taken preservation of local history very seriously. We continue to mark historic sites with bronze markers, the last of which was the historic Helms Building as you may remember. We work with the city of offer bus tours at the annual Fiesta La Ballona, as well as programs and tours for school children. Just this week, our members have picked up speakers from the Studio Drive-In as well as pieces of the screen itself after demolition Monday, which was arranged by the CCRA and the developer, The Lee Group. These items will be used for display, but also for fundraising for the museum.
We read with interest the staff report in July which mentioned the possibility of museum space in the new parking structure in the Downtown development. On behalf of the Society, I would like to pursue that option. The Society can offer the expertise, volunteer hours and fundraising efforts to partner with the City of Culver City. Please advise me how we can begin this process.

Sincerely yours,
Lu Herrera