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Winter 1999 Message

President’s Message
by Lou Herrera

A WONDERFUL AND PROSPEROUS 1999 TO EVERYONE! The new year will bring many challenges and we all hope it will close with much more accomplishment.

The last General Membership Meeting in November was a wonderful success and a strong kick-off for the Museum Capital Campaign.  The panel discussion on “A Museum for Culver City” was most informative and provided honest insights into the trials and travails as well as the blessings of creating a museum from scratch.

I want to personally thank our outstanding panelists for coming and sharing their personal stories: Russell Davies of the Pacific Railroad Society, Louise Gabriel of the Santa Monica Historical Society, Walker Haskell of the Historical Society of Centinela Valley, and Marvin Page of Marvin Page Motion Picture & Television Archives.  And, of course, our wonderful Julie Lugo Cerra who so ably moderated the discussion.

Edith Prager’s passing this past Fall left a hole in our lives and on the CCHS Board.  I would like to encourage one of our members to seriously consider giving one evening a month to your CCHS as our new Secretary.  We’re entering a very exciting period of growth for the Society and I invite you to be an integral part of it.

Also, I want you all to become actively involved with the Society and volunteer for one of the committees which need your support to make the CCHS strong and valuable to the community.  Please take a moment and call (310) 838-1073 and tell us which committee fits your personal area of interest, then come out and have some fun!

My thanks go out to all those members who attended the December 7th Redevelopment Agency Meeting and spoke out on behalf of the CCHS and the need for a community museum.  Your voice was heard.

As President of the CCHS, I’m dedicating my time and energies to making the Culver City Museum a reality and I hope you will join me in this mission.  I believe the time is now and I believe that you all will pitch in and aid me in this crucial endeavor.  Let’s make 1999 truly a banner year!

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