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History In the Making: New Year, New Streets

Notes From Your City Historian
by Julie Lugo Cerra

Four new streets will be carved out in the new development which is being constructed on what we remember as the old Studio Drive-In site. As a consultant on the project, I was asked to do some research to name the new residential streets. The following street names were unanimously approved by the City Council, on December 14, 1998 for the following reasons:

• HERITAGE PLACE: The park within the development has been named Heritage Park, so it is in keeping with the development and the park. Heritage is intended to be a reminder of the importance of everyone’s heritage, and honors all heritage.

• AGUSTINE LANE: Agustin Machado was the ranchero who rode from down until dusk on his fastest steed to claim Rancho La Ballona, from which most of Culver City was carved. Agustin was a well-known and respected ranchero, who owned this land through both the Spanish and Mexican periods and after California became a state. It is especially pertinent, since the development borders Machado Road.

• LANTANA LANE: Lantana is the official city flower

• BALLONA LANE: Ranchero La Ballona was the rancho established by Agustin Machado (with his brother, Ygnacio, and Felipe and Tomas Talamantes) in the early 1800s and is a very important part of the city’s heritage. The City of Culver City is carved from portions of Rancho La Ballona and Rincon de los Bueyes (Higuera on the east). This piece of property is part of the original landgrant, claimed as rancho La Ballona.

I am personally pleased that the developer used names which were of significance to the city, rather than naming streets for the selves, which is often the norm (Cranks Rd, Stoneview, Blanco Way, etc.).


• Congratulations to Jody Hall-Esser, Culver City’s Chief Administrative Officer, for being honored by the American Heart Association on February 20.
• Reminder that the Sister City Committee will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Japanese Meditation Garden (in front of the Library) on April 17.
• As a follow-up to my last column, here is a photo of Freddie Machado illustrating what a great time was had by all at the recent Machado Family reunion!

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