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Spring 1999 Message

President’s Message
by Lou Herrera


In my first message as your new President, I shared with you my dream of establishing an Historical Museum.  This is the legacy I hope to leave with the Society, but progress has been slow, and, to date, the many leads and discussions has shown no tangible results.  We need to rally our membership and the community to become more actively involved in this quest.

We have made some headway, however, with finding a work area for our volunteers.  In addition to the storage we have been generously given by the Antique Guild, we have recently secured additional warehouse space from Ways & Means Committee Chairman Stu Freeman.

This is great, but we are still hopeful of having one space where all of our records, photos, newspapers and assorted memorabilia can be housed.  I’m putting out the call for such a space and hope that our members will help us find it!  If any of you have information or suggestions, please let me know.

Also, we need museum funds to accumulate for this purpose.  We respectfully request donations from our membership, both individual and corporate.  For your reference, we have an IRS tax exempt status so contributions may be tax deductible.

I look forward to seeing many of you at our next General Membership Meeting on April 28th and welcome your comments and participation.  Remember, I’m always available and can be reached at (310) 838-1073.

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