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Museum Update October 1984

An item of interest to all should be the recent copy of the HERITAGE TASK FORCE Report…”A Report to the Legislature and People of California—Sacramento, California 1984” which we received recently. This report represents two years of hard work and we will enjoy using it and keeping it in our Library for reference.

A special Thank You to Dr. Dan Lang who when “browsing” found a copy of the Pacific Military Academy’s 1927-8 Annual which is in perfect condition; the academy was founded in 1922 by our own Harry Culver.

“First Families” Rubbing taken at our Potluck in the Park by eight year-olds; Heather Hadley, Susan Diviak and Michele Cerra will be distributed to the Culver City Library, City Hall and one copy kept here in the archives. Knowing that this task is “easy and fun” means that more rubbings will be taken in the near future, don’t miss these events.

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