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October 1984 Message

by Julie Lugo Cerra

Dear Friends,

What a lovely fundraiser! The LEGION BUILDING is a perfect setting for a festive event…

I would like to use this space to acknowledge those who made our first “Museum Fundraiser” such a pleasant success:

Cathy Zermeno, Chairman and her Co-chair Marti Diviac. Committee workers – Lupe Smith, Jo Ellen Weaver, Clarita Young, George Zermeno, Sam Cerra, Albert Vera, SORRENTO MARKET, for wine, beer, etc., Gary Davis, for his “gratis” bartending. The BROTMAN MEDICAL CENTER, for not only the use of the facility, but for providing the wonderful array of visual and palatable delights. Also, for Dr. and Mrs. Bernstein (Administrator), Dr. and Mrs. Glants, Dr. and Mrs. Witlin, Diane and Paul Sherman, and June Weisbard’s taking the time to attend our event as well as for their professional support.

Additional thank yous to all of those who donated money and other items: Andy Weissman, Bryant and Clark, Betts-Sine, Pacifica Hotel, Dorothy Eldan, Elsie Barry, Dan Patacchia, Mildred Wolff, Mary Hertz, Nickerson Nursary, B&B Hardware, the Lindqvisits, Didi Hirsch, MHC, Carol Laurie, Dr. Harada, Charlene Mitchell, George Zermeno and the De jongs.

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