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Winter 2008 Message

by Cathy Zermeno

The past two years have gone by so very fast! We have had so many wonderful things happen and I’m very proud of our accomplishments.

First and foremost, we now have our Archive Research Center (ARC). I was privileged to sign a 5-year lease with the City of Culver City last January, 2007. This was a dream that we’ve all had since the beginning and now we have a place to call home for all of our wonderful memorabilia. Twice a week we meet to catalog and organize our collections, and our terrific Costume Chair, Louise Coffey-Webb, has indexed the MGM costumes.

Thanks to everyone on the CCHS Board and our great Chairmen – they all did an outstanding job. I thank the entire membership because without you we would not have an Historical Society. And to our guiding light, Julie Lugo Cerra, who has provided so much special help and really knows how to get things done! I also want to thank our newsletter editor, Judy Stangler, for the beautiful quarterly newsletters which have been much praised by our sister historical societies – she really puts energy into getting it looking as good as it does. We all should be proud of everyone who has worked so hard to put on the Society’s public face.

Now, it is my pleasure to turn over the leadership to the newly-elected President, Stuart Freeman. He is especially qualified as Stu and his family have been very much a part of Culver City since the 1920s! Stu is the owner of the historical Hull Building in downtown Culver City. His father was the former owner, having had a furniture store there for many years after acquiring it from the original owner, Dr. Foster Hull. The Sunset Drug store was also located in the Hull Building and was a special gathering place where Culver City people would meet. Our Society’s Madrina (godmother), Clarita Marquez Young, even worked at the soda fountain! Currently a new restaurant and bakery, AKASHA, will occupy the historic site.

I have so enjoyed the past two years as your president – as I did as your first CCHS President in 1980. All of your support has been very special to me and I thank you all!

Cathy Zermeno

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