An ARC Update…

by Robin Turner, Vice President, Museum

This has been an exciting year for the Culver City Historical Society! As your outgoing Archive & Resource Center (ARC) Chair, I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve this wonderful organization. I can’t believe I have been overseeing the development of our archives for the past four years, and am very proud of how much we’ve accomplished in that short amount of time.

This year, we settled into our new permanent home at the Veterans Memorial Complex, and have started regular Thursday and Saturday volunteer days. Both crews worked feverously to get our collections out of the storage boxes in order to set up our first special exhibit for the Fiesta la Ballona in August. The exhibit was a huge success.

The Society hosted Culver City’s 90th Anniversary celebration at the historic Culver Hotel where we set up a fabulous display of photos as our second major exhibit for all to enjoy. Across the Towne Plaza, we continue to set up a new CCHS exhibit in our window display at the Pacific Theater every few months so there is a year-round Society presence to remind the public of the wonderful memorabilia included in our collections.

While there are way too many fabulous volunteers to mention in this short column, I do want everyone to know that their work at

the ARC is very much appreciated. I must state, however, that without Steve Rose and Fred Yglesias helping out just about every Saturday, the ARC would still have our collections in boxes. I also want to thank Louise Coffee-Webb for all her tireless work on organizing and cataloging the MGM and Fiesta costumes, and thanks to our out-going President Cathy Zermeno and her die-hard Thursday crew for their never-ending work in cataloging the collections that the Saturday crew set out and readied for them.

I also want to thank CC Mayor Alan Corlin for his continuous search for fixtures and office equipment we need such as light tables, shelving units, and other necessities that he found on Craig’s list and other internet sites. Due to people like Mayor Corlin, Andy Weisman, myself and others, we have some great free items for the ARC that would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars.

I know our new ARC Chairs, Martha and Sol Sigall, will do a fabulous job of continuing the work we started just a short time ago. Thank you again for giving me the experience of serving as ARC Chair – and know that you will have my support in the future.

“Happy New Year” to all!

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