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Winter 2006 Message

President’s Message
by Steven J. Rose

The new year of 2006 starts off well with a new Society president, Cathy Zermeno. Having been the charter president of the Society in 1980, Cathy returns to lead the Society to new heights during the next two years. Her continued dedication and support throughout our 25-year history brings renewed vitality to the position.

During the last four years the Society has gone through many changes that has positioned it for growth in the coming years. Among these:

• The Society’s museum archives were moved back to the City of Culver City after several years under the watchful eye of Ross Hawkins at West Los Angeles College.
• Julie Lugo Cerra and Joan Jakubowski started the “Living History” program in which Culver High seniors depict moments and personalities of Culver City/LaBallona Valley history for elementary school students throughout the community.
• A project has been initiated in conjunction with the City of Culver City to install photographs of all the elected City officials which will be an ongoing project for the Society.

The last four years has brought about change and challenge for all of us in the Society. I want to thank you for the opportunity of serving the Society as President and ask you all to join me in supporting Cathy Zermeno in the coming years.

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