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Historic Preservation

Notes From Your City Historian
by Julie Lugo Cerra

The Helms Building began the process for a Certificate of Appropriateness with the Cultural Affairs Commission on March 14. It then goes to the Planning Commission for approval.

Every time CCHS member June Anderson Caldwell sifts through her personal photo collection, she comes up with great finds. The photo (at right) was taken when she lived on Madison Avenue, behind the Pitti house.

Behind Baby June, held by her sister, Edna, you can see the Cereghino house across the street (SE corner of Madison/Farragut) before the wall was built.

Cereghino was the owner of the Washington Improvement Co. which developed Tract 1775 in that area. He named the streets for politicos.

As always, thanks, June, for sharing!

The history section of the city website, www.culvercity.org, has been updated. Kudos go to the award-winning information technology team led by John Richo which has been very supportive – and notably, Valerie Perez.

Please note that one of the new items to be posted on the city website is an historic piece that was too big to put in the newsletter – the map that was used to sell the city voters on the first charter in 1947. The primary issue centered on the loss of school funds for Culver City. The district at that time even included an area north of Venice. Take a look!

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