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Winter 2001 Message

President’s Message
by Don Rogers

As we reflect on the joy of the Holiday season and all that it means to us, it is also a reminder that a New Year is just around the corner.

Your Board has come up with a fundraising program that we think ties the Holiday season and the New Year together. Enclosed is a flyer describing the Society’s new “Historical Throw” which depicts a number of historical buildings in Culver City. This will make a great gift to give for the holidays. It is not only very much attractive, but each purchase will raise funds for the Culver City Heritage Museum. We’re very proud to make this offer, and I urge you all to consider giving one or more of these “throws” as gifts, and contribute to the Society’s fundraising efforts.

We’ve had an exciting series of excellent programs this past year raising the awareness of the history of Culver City, and we have an equally exciting series planned for 2001. I call upon each member of the Society to support your Board of Directors as we continue to fulfill our goals of preserving and promoting the wonderful history of Culver City.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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