Winter 2002 Message

President’s Message
by Don Rogers

It has been a pleasure to serve as your President for the past two years, and now it is time to pass the baton of leadership on to your newly elected President, Steve Rose.

In the past two years there have been a number of significant programs and activities promoting the history of Culver City and drawing the community’s attention to the progress of the Historical Society.

The latest example is the Historical Society’s marking of the La Ballona School on Tuesday, November 27th. I wish to specifically thank Sandy Burton, Historic Site Chairperson, and Julie Lugo Cerra, City Historian, for their roles in making this such a wonderful event.

We have secured a room at West Los Angeles College where we can store, identify, and catalog all of the many photos, documents, and other historic artifacts that have been donated to the Society over the years.

We have also written a grant application to develop a Historical Society Museum in the basement of the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium. We should know if we have been awarded the grant sometime in April of 2002.

I would like to draw your attention to the Historical Society’s installation of your new officers scheduled for Tuesday, January 15, 2002 at 7:00pm at the Sagebrush Cantina in downtown Culver City.

I wish to thank all the members of the Historical Society Board who have served so diligently these past two years and urge all the members of the Society to continue to give your newly elected President, Steve Rose, the same fine support that you have provided me in the past two years.

See you at the installation Dinner on Tuesday, January 15th!

Fall 2001 Message

President’s Message
by Don Rogers, President

The next General Meeting of the Historical Society will be held on Tuesday, October 16th. This is a very important meeting because the Nominating Committee will be presenting a slate of officers to be elected for the next two years. Your vote is very important and I urge you to be in attendance.

Our bylaws require that the President appoint three members to the Nominating Committee: one officer other than the President, one Committee Chair and one member from the General Membership. The Nominating Committee shall report to the Society in October and additional nominations may be made from the floor with the consent of the nominee. Election shall be by ballot held immediately following nominations. If there is only one nominee for an office, the election for that office may be held by voice vote.

I have appointed Virgie Eskridge as the Officer, Sandy Burton as the Committee Chair, and Sam Cerra as the Member-at-Large. I am sure that they would welcome any suggestions you might have for people to serve in the various offices for the Historical Society. You may contact them at the new CCHS telephone number: (310) 287-4558.

Other News: The City Council recently created a Cultural Affairs Commission. Included in the scope of this Commission is responsibilities are public art, performing art and historic preservation, among others. This is good news because the Human Services Department, which staffs the Commission, will also remain involved with the Historical Society and its interests.

We are off to a wonderful start in the cataloging of the wealth of material now housed at the new Society office. I would like to thank Susan Berg for serving as the Museum Cataloging Chair and the many other volunteers for their efforts.

See you on October 16th!

Summer 2001 Message

President’s Message
by Don Rogers

May 22, 2001 is a date Society members will long remember because it marked the grand opening of the new Historical Society office site at West Los Angeles College. With a location from which to work and meet, we now must begin to sort and catalogue all of the wonderful items we have accumulated over the past 20 years. If you would like to volunteer or have items that you would like to add to the Society’s collection, please call Ross Hawkins, Vice President Museum at (310) 204-6920.

We had a very successful booth at the Fiesta in May, raising additional funds for the Society. Thanks to all who helped staff the booth, and to those who conducted the Historical Society bus tours on Saturday. A special thanks to Julie Lugo Cerra for her efforts in creating the narrative for the tours.

Ongoing discussions for the development of a permanent Culver City Heritage Museum site in the basement of the Culver City Julian Dixon Library continue. More information will be presented at the next General Meeting which will be held at our annual pot luck picnic at Carlson Park on July 17 (see page one).

Your Board of Directors has been working very hard on a number of projects this year and is very excited about the progress the Society is making. We hope you are as well and we encourage you to get involved.

See you at the picnic in July!

Spring 2001 Message

President’s Message
by Don Rogers

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a number of exciting things that are happening in the Culver City Historical Society.

First of all, through a joint partnership with the Historical Society and West Los Angeles College, spearheaded by the efforts of the community-minded spirit of the College’s Interim President, Frank Quiambao, we now have a room on the West Los Angeles College campus for the Historical Society (see Page One). We will use this facility for sorting and cataloging the Society’s collection of photos and other memorabilia, and it will also provide an opportunity to develop displays which will be exhibited on College and other local venues.

Chair Reba Yudess and her Ways and Means Committee are the force behind the fabulous CCHS throws depicting historical sites in Culver City. They have been an instant hit and if you have not purchased one, you will have the opportunity at the Society’s booth at the upcoming Fiesta La Ballona (see accompanying article). And don’t forget to tell your friends about our annual tours of the City’s historical sites on Saturday, May 19.

The Historical Society is also reorganizing membership and enrollment procedures. You will all be receiving a letter from Julie Lugo Cerra, Membership Chair, shortly explaining the changes.

Finally, we invite you to attend in the Historical Society reception at our new facility at the West Los Angeles College campus on Tuesday, May 22, from 5-7pm.

Your Board of Directors is making a number of advancements in promoting the awareness of the Historical Society and in our efforts to accomplish the goals of the Society. Thank you for your support and we look forward to even greater involvement by more of the members of the Society.

Winter 2001 Message

President’s Message
by Don Rogers

As we reflect on the joy of the Holiday season and all that it means to us, it is also a reminder that a New Year is just around the corner.

Your Board has come up with a fundraising program that we think ties the Holiday season and the New Year together. Enclosed is a flyer describing the Society’s new “Historical Throw” which depicts a number of historical buildings in Culver City. This will make a great gift to give for the holidays. It is not only very much attractive, but each purchase will raise funds for the Culver City Heritage Museum. We’re very proud to make this offer, and I urge you all to consider giving one or more of these “throws” as gifts, and contribute to the Society’s fundraising efforts.

We’ve had an exciting series of excellent programs this past year raising the awareness of the history of Culver City, and we have an equally exciting series planned for 2001. I call upon each member of the Society to support your Board of Directors as we continue to fulfill our goals of preserving and promoting the wonderful history of Culver City.

Happy Holidays to everyone!