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“Spring Cleaning” Update, Spring 2011 Message

Stu Freeman - Culver City Historical SocietyPresident’s Message
by Stu Freeman, President

Have you recently cleaned out a closet, an attic or a garage?
Has any of your family or friends?
Did you find something that relates to the history of Culver City and/or your family’s history to the city?

For example:

  • Ticket stubs from the Culver or Meralta theatres
  • Order forms from the Helms Bakery
  • Anything from the MGM, Hal Roach or any other local studios
  • Pictures of local businesses that aren’t here any more
  • Photos of prominent citizens or Culver school teachers

PLEASE! Don’t throw them away!

I am calling on all Culver City-ites, current and past, to do some personal searching through your heritage — because the CC Historical Society can possibly provide a home for these items in our ever-enriching Archives (ARC). Your donations will help to ensure that your children and grandchildren will always have a place to view the items that their family has donated in their family name.

There is but one caveat and that is, due to the current limitations of space at the Archives, we have a process whereby the Board must approve of any donations before we can accept them. You may find some unexpected treasures!

It should prove to be fun for everyone!

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