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Spring 2017 Message

Dear Members and Friends,

Happy Spring! In an effort last spring to promote our historic photos umbrella, I Michelle Bernardin, Presidenttempted fate by scoffing at the El Niño that never materialized… Who’s laughing now? (But our umbrella is still the best and available at 25% off for these rains that will not end!)

One of our great pleasures in celebrating the Centennial has been to bring you programs that highlight several longtime families and their local businesses. As we saw with the Veras and the Eskridges, these are families who are indelibly quilted into our city’s fabric and history. Our April 19 General Meeting and Program will highlight another Culver City family and their businesses – that of Historical Society past president, Stu Freeman. If you have walked into Akasha, Goda Yoga, or Alandale’s, then look to property owner Stu… but you will learn so much more.

As I continue sharing more of our plans to celebrate our city’s Centennial, please visit our website and like or follow us on the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to keep connected with us!

As always, thank you for supporting your Historical Society! We cannot do this without you.

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