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Spring 2015 President’s Message

Dear Members,

Happy Spring! Your Historical Society volunteers have been making great use of the “cold” months. Sharon Shore and Mo de Koff have completed the gargantuan task of digitally cataloguing the collection’s costumes. One of Harry Culver’s grandsons, Chris Wilde, was a guest speaker at our January 18 open Sunday. We had a great crowd, who laughed at Chris’ stories and enjoyed the memorabilia he brought to share.

A few volunteers took up my call for help in the last newsletter issue and have been retyping articles from past newsletters, so that we continue to build our own history on our website. (Thanks to master typists Joan Jakubowski and Adrienne Bernardin! There’s still more to do, so email me if you would like to join the fun from the luxury of your home computer!) By the way, have you checked out the website recently? I think you should! We just completed a thorough section on our marked historic sites (including Google maps, so that you can find them), and moved the online store as part of our site.

I called the first meeting of a Centennial subcommittee to explore the ways we can, as the Historical Society, participate in this once-in-a-lifetime, year-long celebration. Many great ideas were brought up and there’s room for more. If you have any thoughts for events or projects that would be appropriate for us, please email me (michelle@culvercityhistoricalsociety.org).

Please note that the Archives will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 5, and will be open again on Sunday, April 19. Chris Wilde’s talk was only the beginning – check out the calendar on the back page for our next open Sunday guest speaker!

Thank you for your support of YOUR Historical Society! As you just read with Martha and Sol Sigall, and for countless others, it makes a difference!

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