An ARC Update .….

by Martha & Sol Sigall, Vice President, Archives


It will be our goal to continue the impressive progress that Robin Turner made during her term as Vice President, Archives. She and her committee accomplished so much – we want to keep the momentum going!

We especially appreciate Cathy Zermeno, our past President, who, as soon as it was possible, opened up the ARC each week and worked tirelessly to catalogue so much of the historic items.

Our thanks to many of our members who have already signed up to volunteer on the Archives Committee. We will be calling on you for your help very soon, and establish specific days and times the ARC will be open for the work of cataloging, labeling, etc.

A special thank-you to Louise Coffey-Webb, our Costumes Chair, and her wonderful intern, Karla Contreras, who have done so much to care for and exhibit costumes in our display cases. We also want to thank the City of Culver City who came to our aid when we needed to replace many of the boxes that hold these rare and precious costumes.

A tremendously big “THANK YOU” to Julie Lugo Cerra, our Culver City Historian, who has been such an integral part of our Archives Resource Center since the beginning and continues supporting us every step of the way. And, we couldn’t be where we are now without our dear Fred Yglesias who is always there with a helping hand – he’s simply great!

When our Culver City Historical Society members and the public attend the April 16th General Membership Meeting, we hope they will be pleased with the progress that has already been made – and we welcome your thoughts and suggestions to our ARC better still!

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