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Spring 2004 Message

President’s Message
by Steven J. Rose

April is here and with it comes Spring bringing a renewal of its beauty. Winter has ended and we will feel the sun’s warmth brightening our lives in the coming months!

The Culver City Historical Society is embracing Spring with a new site for our archives and memorabilia in downtown Culver City, above the Bank of the West. With much hard work, we will be opening our doors to the public in the near future with what we hope will be a precursor to our longed-for dream of a museum. It is my hope that when we do, both the public and the government will look upon it as a safe and secure site to place our history on display.

Our new facility will offer exhibits and research opportunities on the history of Culver City and the whole of La Ballona Valley. In the coming months, Robin Turner, our new Museum VP, will be scheduling work parties to bring our hopes and wishes into reality. I might add that Robin has some pretty impressive credentials: She is an archaeologist and paleontologist who has worked in Southern California for the past 15 years, notably consulting and volunteering with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, as well as owning her own archaeo/paleo business. I encourage you to join her.

Please remember to attend our April 21st General Meeting to learn more about a new treasure in Culver City – the Mary Pickford Institute. We’re delighted to have them tell us more about their work and to join us here, in “The Heart of Screenland.”

Keeping history alive for the future…

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