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An ARC Update…

by Martha and Sol Sigall, Vice President, Archives


We’ve enjoyed a lot of activity in the ARC recently!

CCHS Life Member Steve Fry has agreed to take over the duties associated with Oral Histories. He is transcribing some great tapes that tell the history of our community from many personal stories we’ve had in the archives. He also taped the January General Meeting which featured the Parrish Family – four generations of Property Masters – as our guest speakers. Thank you, Steve!


One of the visiting groups we hosted recently came from the Wende (pronounced Vende) Museum – “a museum and archive of the Cold War.” Justin Jampol brought staff and interns to learn about the community in which they are located. It was a pleasure to give them an overview of our local history, which was very well-received.

The Wende, a little-known but fascinating historic resource, is tucked away in Fox Hills at 6741 Buckingham Parkway. Their entry boasts the largest intact piece of the Berlin Wall. They are open to the public on Fridays from 10 am to 5 pm. We are glad to have the Wende join us in Culver City – a great addition to our cultural resources.


Former Culverite Milly O’ Shea, who visited the ARC when she was in town with her sister last year, came back and brought her husband, Dennis. Vacationing at the historic Culver Hotel, Milly took Dennis on a personal tour around her home town. They enjoyed our new exhibits, and we are delighted they are also new members of the Society.

CC Councilman Andy Weisman stopped by and had a fine time looking through the many historical documents and artifacts that we’re now able to display. A great big THANKS to Andy who donated our bookshelves which are coming in hANDY!

Make sure you stop by to take a look at the vintage newspapers on display. We are currently featuring one from July, 1928, and the pages will be turned often, reflecting our city’s history from 90 years ago!

Our exhibits are changed with new events, anniversaries and, sometimes, just the seasons! Costume Chair Louise Coffey-Webb has displayed a Civil War costume in keeping with our celebration of the classic 1939 movies like Gone With The Wind.

We look forward to seeing you soon – and, if you have some time to give, we need volunteers to sort and catalog our many treasures.

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