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Notes From Your City Historian: Fall 1998

by Julie Lugo Cerra

• “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – and that is why our Society’s Ways and Means guy, Stu Freeman, was out picking up speakers from the Studio Drive-In. The next day, how was seen going through rubble, with permission of course? None other than your Historic Sites Chair, Sam Cerra. Sam retrieved pieces of the drive-in’s 50-year-old screen – it was plaster on a wire mesh backing. Knowing these boys, look for some creative packaging of these bits of nostalgia to raise needed funds for the Society: Museum, Museum, Museum!

• Timeline: We made it through another birthday in Culver City: September 20th was the city’s 81st anniversary of incorporation.

• Machado Family Celebrates: I had the privilege of attending the Machado Family Picnic at the Centinela Adobe recently. My great grandfather, Francisco Lugo, married Vicenta Machado, one of the children of Jose Agustin Machado. Agustin and of his brothers, Ygnacio, founded Rancho La Ballona with Felipe and Tomas Talamantes.

Other relatives in attendance were Fred Machado and his family. Fred is a descendant of Agustin Machado’s eldest child, Juan Bautista Machado. The father of Agustin and Ygnacio was Jose Manuel Machado, a soldado (soldier) who was present when the pueblo of Los Angeles was founded in 1781.

Other relatives enjoying the day were Christina Machado Essex and our Madrina, Clarita Marquez Young.

There was also a Machado Reunion in October, and we all attended that as well. Oscar Machado and his wife came up from the San Diego area. Oscar worked for the city as did his brother Carlo (now deceased). One of Carlo’s sons, Mike, was there with his family, too. Oscar and Carlo were the sons of Agustin Machado’s youngest (and 15th) child, Jose de La Luz Machado, who lived on Overland Ave.

The beautiful day was enhanced by great food and wonderful entertainment in the Spanish/Mexican tradition with music and dancers from Loyola-Marymount University. And, of course, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Robertson were working hard as usual. So, if you are tied to the Machados, give “cuz” Freddie a call for info on the next Machado event.

• For those of us who grew up here, we are always sad to see “bits of our childhood” slip away. Culver Center Stationaries is closing and the owners of Southern California Nursery, a 50-year Culver City institution, are talking about retiring by the end of the year and selling the property. We will miss them both!

• Quote from a Harry H. Culver Co. ad from December 13, 1913 Culver City Call newspaper:
“All Roads Lead to Culver City – the home city. If you should sit on the shady veranda of a Culver City home – could sense the fresh tonic ocean air, see the delicate shades of the distant mountains and feel the comfortable, uncrowded, homey atmosphere of the place you wouldn’t wonder at Culver City’s wonderful record of growth and development. Culver City has suburban transportation facilities unequaled on the Pacific Coast.”

• And the Winner is…
Miriam Mack who knew actor Jeff Chandler’s reel name was Ira Grossel. Miriam wins a copy of the new “Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble” cookbook.

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