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Museum Notes: Fall 2006

Museum Notes
by Robin Turner, Museum Chair


We are currently seeing history-in-the making regarding our Historical Society. As you read on the front page, the Culver City City Council has given us the opportunity, through a long term lease, to use the Multi-Purpose “overflow room” at the Veterans Memorial Building to become our long-awaited museum. This opportunity now gives us a permanent place to work on our collection of historic materials.

Though it may not be well-known, the Society (notably City Historian Julie Lugo Cerra) receives calls and requests, almost on a weekly basis, from people that want information from our archives or conduct research on our city’s history. We also receive items from people all over the United States giving us historic memorabilia or photos that they feel should be with the Culver City Historical Society.

We now finally have a home where we can work on these items, cataloguing our archives, allowing research to be done, and will be able to accept donations from many diverse sources. For example, in the last newsletter, I wrote about the computer company Symantec deeding us the historic items that my company found while digging footings for their new buildings. Our new museum space will allow us to accept these types of gifts.

Our new home is ADA accessible, has plenty of parking, and will give us the chance to grow and thrive. Before we are able to move in, we have some construction to make the site more secure, since we will be sharing the building with others. Hopefully, by the next newsletter, we will be asking for volunteers to come in and help with the much needed cataloging and recording of our collections!

I want to thank all of our members that attended this historic Council Meeting for their added support in our request for a permanent home, and to the Council itself for the vision of using our organization to help preserve and record Culver City’s history. I would especially like to thank our new City Manager, Jerry Fulwood and Bill La Pointe, Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services, for their support and wisdom.

At the next General Meeting I will be talking about archaeology and paleontology and some of the projects that I worked on in our city. I will be bringing some of the artifacts and fossils that have been recently unearthed. Together we will be “Sifting through the Culver Sands”…

See you at the meeting on October 18th!

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