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Summer 2006 Message

President’s Message
by Cathy Zermeno

Summer is here and it is a beautiful time of the year. Daylight Saving Time increases our “evening hours” and enables us to enjoy the many old and new attractions of our City. And, there are so many great things happening in our City: lots of fine restaurants, first-class movie theaters, live theater and musical performances, parks to enjoy – Culver City has indeed developed into a really fun city!

The next CCHS General Meeting will be the Society’s annual “Picnic in the Park.” This year it is scheduled for Wednesday, July 19, and will be held at Carlson Park. Because our Picnic has more than a quarter of a century history, I think our readers will be interested in how we started our annual Picnics and so I have jotted down a brief overview (see “The First Picnic” story on Page 4).

Since that first picnic twenty-five years ago, the Society has continued the tradition, holding an annual picnic each summer at one of our beautiful City parks. It is my pleasure to invite you all to join us at this year’s annual “Picnic in the Park.” As always, it will be a potluck meal and you can bet there will be lots of delicious food for everyone!

Please call 1st VP Marty Nickolson at: (310) 253-6662, or me at: (310) 839-7688. Let us know that you will be joining us and what food items you will be bringing. The Society will supply soft drinks, plates & cups, and plastic utensils. Come and renew long-time friendships – and make new friends!

Looking forward to seeing you on the 19th…

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