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May is Historic Preservation Month – And We Have A Lot to Celebrate!

Notes From Your City Historian
by Julie Lugo Cerra

First, by May, all of the historic plaques should be placed on the Landmark and Significant designated structures in Culver City. The original historic survey took place in 1987, was published in final form in 1990, and the city council adopted the historic preservation ordinance and a list of historic structures in 1991. I am pleased that the Cultural Affairs Commission took charge of this project which will be a benefit to the owners and visitors to the various chosen structures.

The well-known “colonnade” – the ceremonial entry to Sony Pictures Studios on Washington Boulevard – will be 90-years-old this year! It was the first structure built by Thomas Ince for his Culver City studio in 1915-16.

The city designated the formal, neo-classical, Beaux Arts architectural style entryway with Landmark status. It retains most of its original integrity and was restored by Gensler and Associates in the 1990s. Pictured here, can you guess 1) why cards have not entered through this gate since 1941 and 2) are all of the columns original? (answers below)

The 77th Academy Awards presented on February 27th was quite a show this year, and Culver City should have been especially proud when Martin Scorsese gave the Academy’s prestigious Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award to Roger Mayer, president of Turner Entertainment Co.

Mr. Mayer was the first recipient of our own Culver City Historical Society’s Heart of Screenland Star Award. He has been a major influence in film preservation and his long history on the local MGM lot included working with the city to provide for the continued use of historic signs.

Congratulations Roger!

Upcoming: Look for a new walking tour starting from the Town Plaza. And watch the window of the Pacific 12 – there will be a new display soon.
And…play a part in preservation!


Answers: 1) Cars became too wide to navigate the entryway. 2) All are the original columns but one which is a resin reproduction due to it being destroyed by an automotive accident!

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