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Goals, Resources and Challenges for 2002

Notes From Your City Historian
by Julie Lugo Cerra

As 2001 melds into the new year, it seems like a good time to take stock of the Historical Society, its goals, resources and challenges.

• The Society’s New Home
After two years of negotiations, under the direction of President Don Rogers and with the help of community-minded WLAC president Frank Quiambao, we have seen the Historical Society move to its new office at WLAC so that the entire collection can be housed under one roof. This offers us an increase in visibility and opportunities. Museum Chair Ross Hawkins, with the help of super-organizers Sandy and Chuck Burton, took leading roles to make the archival space ready for workshops. Susan Berg has moved the cataloging process forward. And speaking of cataloging and workshops, it reminds me of the “olden days” when we used to meet in the city facilities to identify photos. (How many can you name around the table in this photo?)

Our first workshop at WLAC netted us the expertise of Centinela Valley Archivist Jim Robertson and Fred Machado. (Jim and Fred, a CV board member, spend one day a week at the Centinela Adobe and are wonderful resources.) Culver High grads of yesteryear like Martha Gunther, Steve Newton, (our President-elect), are also willing participants with institutional memories.

Longtime supporter Marc Wanamaker brings his expertise, and becomes our new Museum VP in January. New Planning Commissioner Scott Malsin has a computer ready for our archival work. And we hope to see other regulars like Bill Reid there often.
The workshops are held on the second Saturday of each month and I cannot encourage you enough to come by Building B-1 around 9am to share in the fun. You will find coffee and goodies and interesting people with a common interest.

• Markings
The marking of La Ballona School as Historical Site #10 was wonderful, particularly because of the children’s participation. As I was going through old Historical Society photos, I was reminded of our first marking, 20 years ago of the 1928 City Hall. Fond memories! (see photo on page 2: L to RL : Paul Netzel, Ron Perkins, Richard Brundo, Hisotrical Society Pres. Cathy Zermeno, Councilmember Paul Jacobs, and Historic Sites Chair Charles Lugo.) The marker is still in place on the corner of Duquesne and Culver. Conrad Cerda did the concrete monument.

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