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Culver City Adopts New Logo!

Notes From Your City Historian
by Julie Lugo Cerra
The Culver City Council Redevelopment Agency adopted a new Culver City logo at their meeting on September 10, 2001.

Designed by Sussaman/Prejza & Company, the word “Culver” (red) is said to be script typeface based on the marquee of the Culver Theatre which draws from Culver City’s history. The word “City” (black) is in a more modern typeface design to reflect Culver City’s present and future.

According to the CCRA press release, “The logo is a bright/vibrant representation of Culver City – a “safe, clean and green” community, proud of our ‘small town.’ This logo represents the past history that highlights Culver City’s longstanding prominence in the movie industry and looks forward and excited about the on-going evolution of the City.”
The release quotes Mayor Ed Wolkowitz: “The new logo will be a very visible component of the City’s promotional and marketing activities. The logo will never replace the City Seal. Rather, its intent is to provide a readily identifiable symbol that residents and visitors alike can immediately associate with Culver City.” Redevelopment Agency Steven Rose offered “The logo’s goal is to portray the essence of the community, not to tell the whole story.”

Thirty years ago, in April 1971, the Culver City Council established a Culver City Redevelopment Agency. The first major project of the Agency was the Fox Hills Mall, built on the Fox Hills property that was annexed to Culver City in 1964.

Over the years, the Agency has taken on many redevelopment projects, including the Filmland Building (now Sony Pictures Plaza) sponsored the Charettes; to get direction on the redevelopment of Downtown Culver City and the eastern portion of Washington Boulevard; and most recently, a West Washington Visioning project. The restoration of the historic Sony Pictures movie lot was under the purview of the Redevelopment Agency as in the Hayden Tract and the Costco site.

The CCRA has offered opportunities to involve the community in the strategic planning for Culver City and programs like Façade Improvement to achieve the goals of redevelopment. Coincidentally, the Culver Theatre, whose marquee inspired the logo, is scheduled for redevelopment in a joint venture of the CCRA and the Center Theatre Group.

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