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Fox Hills “Trash Pit” Holds Culver City Memorabilia

Museum Notes
by Robin Turner, Museum Chair

As an archaeologist, I have the privilege of working all over Southern California – and, of course, I especially enjoy the opportunity to work in Culver City whenever possible.

One of my current projects has brought me back home to the parcel in Fox Hills which was once part of the old Fox Hills Country Club’s golf course. The present owner/builder is the Norton Virus computer company, Symantec.

I expected to find many interesting marine fossils on the site, but was very surprised to find the old golf course clubhouse’s trash pit! (I’m sure some of our members will recall the good times they had, after a great round of golf, relaxing with a soda or drink on that very site!)

My company has collected about a hundred hard liquor bottles, many soda bottles, kitchen ware, and other various items from this trash pit. Even though they aren’t considered “significant” per archaeological standards, my client has allowed the Culver City Historical Society to be the recipient of the materials found in the trash deposit.

As soon as the Deed of Gift exchanges hands, I will be able to display some of the more unique – and the most common – pieces in the Society’s display window of the Pacific Theatres in downtown Culver City. Hopefully, this should happen sometime in July or August, so when you go to the movies or out for ice cream, be sure to stop by and see the new display!

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