Notes from Your City Historian

by Julie Lugo Cerra


In 1928, Mayor Reve Houck headed the trustees who rented buses to serve Culver City’s transportation needs. After a bond issue passed, we purchased our own.

Now, the second oldest municipal bus line in the state, Culver City has a fleet of pretty green (in many ways!) buses.

Why is the Culver CityBus logo so recognizable? The fonts/script came from the lettering on the tower and neon of the 1947 Culver Theatre.


As of March 3, 2008, Culver City has provided 80 years of continuous bus service to its citizens – and to celebrate, on its anniversary the city offered “Culver CityBus Free Fare Day!”

Today, Culver CityBus boards approximately 5.8 million passengers each year, for safe rides on its fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) buses.


The Historical Society had a prominent presence at this year’s “LA Heritage Day” on March 2nd at the Heritage Square located off the Pasadena (#110) Freeway, along with Historical Societies and Museums from all over Southern California who presented information on their communities and Los Angeles’ Heritage. This special event was the first time LA’s diverse historical communities were brought together to preserve and share the past.

Special kudos go to our new Parliamentarian, Karen Coyle, who went among the crowds and brought many over to the CCHS table – she was a great Society rep.!

Mary Culver, a family member of the Harry Culver clan stopped by our table and we hope to have a chance to learn more about her and her background for the next newsletter issue.

The Heritage Square Museum is a living history museum reflecting the settlement and development of Southern California from the Civil War to the early 20th Century. Heritage Square Museum offers visitors a look into the everyday lives of Southern Californians at the close of the 19th Century. For more information, visit

Next month, President Stu Freeman and I will be meeting with the Historical Preservation sub-committee of the CC Cultural Affairs Commission to further strengthen our ties and work together to continue the preserving Culver City’s unique history.

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