Happy Birthday to our City Seal

You’ve seen it all over town. On buildings, municipal vehicles, City Council Chambers, official city documents, city flags, and even on the stainless steel sculpture “Filmstrip U.S.A.” in front of the Veterans Memorial Building. But did you know that this seal has been used for 80 years?                                                                                The city seal

On August 3, 1936, by Ordinance No. 453, the City adopted the current official city seal. The ordinance required that “the imprint thereof shall hereafter be impressed upon all official documents in place of the Seal heretofore used, and an enlarged copy of said Seal shall be placed on all motor equipment owned and operated by the City of Culver City.” This ordinance also stated “Around the outer edge shall appear the words, City of Culver City, Incorporated 1917,” and in the center thereof shall appear the inscription ‘Heart of Screenland,’ which inscription shall run through the center of a Shield; in the upper left hand corner shall be depicted motion picture camera equipment indicative of the present major industry in the City of Culver City; in the lower left hand corner of said Shield, shall be depicted a representation of the Golden Bear, emblematic of the State of California; in the upper right hand corner a representation of the rising sun; and in the lower right hand corner shall be depicted a sprig of lantana, the official flower of the City of Culver City.”

That ordinance cited above, signed by Mayor Frank H. Dobson, also included a further description of the seal. It called for unequal sized sections of the shield, with the upper left and lower right being about double the size of the others. It even specified that “the motion picture camera equipment in the upper left hand quarter includes a cameraman upon a wheeled camera dolly, a klieg light turned on, and a reflector screen. The stylized sun in the upper right hand quarter is about 2/3 risen above ground level, and displays seven rays.” The colors are also defined, calling for the upper left illustration “in powder blue and white with the linework in black.” The golden sun is to be upon a “dark blue field.” The city flower, the lantana, was to be illustrated in red with green leaves.

Our seal serves as more than a civic identifier, but also as a communal unifier. That it celebrates 80 years this year is a testament to our city’s tradition and history that we hold close.

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July 20 General Meeting and Program

Exploring Culver City Families and Their Businesses:
The Tinger-Eskridges and Culver City Flowers

Multipurpose Room, Veterans Memorial Building, 7 pm

Earl and Virgie Eskridge 1946 (bottom of page)As we approach our city’s 100th year, it is only fitting to share with you the story of another of our longtime family-owned businesses, Culver City Flowers. Earl and Virgie (Tinger) Eskridge’s family has a long history of flower shops in Culver City, beginning in 1934. Earl and Virgie have together and individually been members and given countess hours to the Soroptimists, the Exchange Club, the Elks, and the Historical Society. Earl continues to work with his son, Mike, member of the Lions Club, at Culver Flowers to brighten our community with beautiful flowers and a friendly smile. They raised three sons in Culver City and continue to be a supportive presence.

Join us on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, to explore the history of this family through a PowerPoint presentation, learn about their dedication and how they are woven into the fabric of this city.

All are welcome to enjoy this free program. Entry is through the Archives and Resource Center from the parking area in the back of the building.

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Summer 2016 Message

Michelle Bernardin, PresidentDear Members and Friends,

Many of you know “Uncle Syd” Kronenthal passed away last October. His contributions to this city and our Historical Society were vast, and his legacy will continue beyond his physical presence. The Historical Society was among a handful of organizations that Syd designated in his will as testamentary beneficiaries. This transformative gift will go far to continue our work that Syd was integral in helping to build.

If scorching temps over previous summers have shown, we will be the coolest place to hang out at Fiesta La Ballona, literally and figuratively. The Archives and Resource Center will be open during the Fiesta from 12:00-4:00 p.m. on Saturday (August 27) and Sunday (August 28).

As you may remember, last year we moved our annual picnic to September, to coincide with the anniversary of the city’s incorporation. Mark your calendar for Sunday afternoon, September 18 for our FOUNDER’S DAY PICNIC! This will be our way to kick off the city’s celebration of our centennial year (begins on September 20), so bring your family and join us in celebrating! The ARC will be open for everyone to explore our city’s first 100 years.

I encourage you to follow us on the various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), as we start to share plans for partnerships, events and programs that will celebrate Culver City and its rich history over the coming year. If you are not on social media, we understand. Keep us updated with your email address, so we can update you! (We will not share it with others.)

As always, thank you for supporting your Historical Society!

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