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Spring 2002 Message

President’s Message
by Steven J. Rose

As we begin the new Culver City Historical Society year, I first wish to thank Don Rogers for his hard work as president for the last two years along with everyone else that has made the historical society what it is today. Our past 22 years leaves us with a lot of history and accomplishments that we can be proud of as an organization.

This year your Board has taken on some very exciting plans for the future. We will be continuing the sales of our Culver City throws which are a great hit with the public – and I especially wish to thank Reba Yudess for all her work with this wonderful project. Our museum task force, under the guidance of Marc Wannamaker, is organizing the information and historical items so that we will be able to identify the many pictures of sites and individuals for future reference and research.

The most exciting news is that your Board, under the leadership of Joan Jakubowski and Julie Lugo Cerra, is undertaking a new program: “Living Culver City” (see story on Pg. 1). I look forward to having this project go forward as becoming a valuable tool for the Society to bring our city’s history to the citizens of Culver City.

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