Original Fiesta gown on display

Original Fiesta gown on display - Culver City Historical Societyby Louise Coffey-Webb, Costume Committee Chair

In celebration of next week’s 49th anniversary of the Fiesta La Ballona, we are displaying an original “Queen’s” gown from the 1951 Fiesta in the Culver City Archives & Resource Center (ARC). This white satin dress with lace-covered bodice and coordinating mantilla was designed and constructed by Rosalie Utterback [sic] who later headed up the Fashion Design Department at Woodbury University.

The black and white photograph above features the very same dress worn by the “Queen” on the left.

The woman on the right wears one of the “Princess” gowns in our collection. From the photograph it looks as if these ladies were singing and being recorded.

Neither of these ladies is identified. Do you know who they are? If you do, please e-mail us.

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