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Museum Notes: Fall 2004

Museum Notes
by Robin Turner, Museum Chair

We started the year out with a bang! Moving the museum’s artifacts and memorabilia from the West LA College site – and we thank the College for their continued support – to the Bank of the West building in downtown Culver City has begun another exciting chapter, for us.

As your new Museum Chair, I worked with our industrious Mayor and CCHS President, Steve Rose, to set up an onsite visit for the CCHS Board so they could see our new home and begin an inventory of what needs to be done to the area so that we can work comfortably and safely, and open our rich collection to the public as soon as possible.

The new site is located in the upstairs portion of the bank and is currently in need of work such as some plastering, painting, flooring or carpet, light plumbing, and bathroom updates. We are negotiating with the bank to cover some of these costs and are also looking into grants and other possible funding sources.

If you are a tradesman in any of these fields, and/or can assist the Society with these preliminary repairs, please give us a call. We are also compiling a list of volunteers to then work on the cosmetics, and décor of the area after the initial “clean-up,” so the museum will be a welcome place for us to work and enjoy.

Along with the Board, I want to thank Steve Newton for his time in assessing the plumbing in our new building. I also want to thank Councilmember Alan Corlin for coming by and giving his support.

After the new facility is renovated and ready for use, we will resume our volunteer corps to help sort out our artifacts, documents and other treasures. We plan to have the museum open to volunteers on one weekday and on Saturdays on a regular schedule. If you are interested in helping either during the renovation period and/or with the archiving, please call (310) 287-3850 or email cchistorical@pacbell.net and let us know.

As always, thank you for your support and service.

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