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Legion Building Update

Julie Lugo Cerra - Culver City Historical SocietyNotes from Your City Historian
by Julie Lugo Cerra

The Jewish Home for the Aging held a second community meeting in November to share their plans for a project on Hughes Avenue – the first was held in Dec., 2009. Three Historical Society members attended, Stu Freeman, Catherine Yanda and myself.

The plans which will be submitted to the city move the Brotman Medical Center Emergency Room (ER) to become a part of a consolidated campus on Delmas Terrace. Plans call for the hospital ER and Tower facing Hughes to be demolished. The architectural drawings show the Legion Building as the centerpiece entry to the new structure.

The Culver City Julian Dixon Library Ceremony

In a ceremony on December 8, 2010, the 10th Anniversary of Congressman Julian Dixon’s untimely death, a photo plaque of the Congressman was unveiled in the lobby to identify the man for whom the library was renamed.

LA County Librarian, Margaret Donnellan Todd, officiated at the ceremony. Our LA County Supervisor, Mark Ridley-Thomas, and Congresswomn – elect Karen Bass both shared personal insights and memories of Congressman Dixon, and our Mayor, Christopher Armenta, talked about Congressman Dixon’s support and appreciation of Culver City.

Nachbar, and Interim CCUSD and Superintendant, Patricia Jaffe. Mrs. Bettye Dixon graciously spoke of her husband’s quiet manner of accomplishment and introduced the Congressman’s son, Cary.

The community room was overflowing with guests from the broad spectrum of Julian Dixon’s life included many of his staffers, like Ed Johnson, who took the lead in accomplishing this event with the Supervisor’s staff.

Former Culver City Mayors Paul Jacobs with his wife Joy, and Ed Wolkowitz with his wife Marla ( a former School Board president), and Steve Rose were there in support, along with another former School Board president, Jessica Beagles-Roos, and myself.
CC Chamber Board members were visible, as were Friends of the Library members and CC Historical Society members. There were representatives of the Democratic Party hierarchy as well.

The CC Historical Society Archives has an ongoing display of items from Congressman Dixon’s office, which was facilitated through one of our founding members, Neil Rubenstein, who also attended the event–rightfully beaming!

Increased Interest in History

It has been heartwarming to see the increased interest in our local history. We continue to work with students and others doing research on areas/structures in our city.

One of the advantages we have is the age of our city. When the Historical Society was founded, the leadership, beginning with founding president Cathy Zermeno, collected information and oral histories from people who saw the city grow from early times.
The visitors to the ARC’s ever-growing collection have heard about us from many sources, and Huell Howser’s recent “visit” gave us a boost. Thanks, again, Huell!

The close of 2010 wrapped up our first 30 years! 30 years…cause for real celebration! Cheers!

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