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Historical Society-Culver City Partnership

Notes From Your City Historian
by Julie Lugo Cerra

Although we should be pleased with our accomplishments over our “first” 25 years, it is not time to relax on the historic front.

In that spirit, I am delighted to report that the Culver City Historical Society has begun discussions with the City of Culver City to enter into a partnership. At our October meeting, action was taken to write a letter to the City’s Chief Administrative Officer, Jerry Fulwood, to meet and discuss possibilities.

Outgoing president Steven J. Rose, President-elect Cathy Zermeno and I, as your Government Liason and City Historian, followed with a fruitful initial meeting with the CAO. As a result, we are working on two items the Society will supervise:

• A display at City Hall of all the elected officials, from the City’s incorporation to the present, utilizing archived photos rescued by Dale Jones and Sam Cerra as the base of the exhibit. We will also explore several possibilities, including research and securing photos of councilmembers for the last 40 years.

• Regular displays of the city history at City Hall highlighting the Society’s archives

After a delay of 14 months – from the time the City Council first asked its staff to bring in a commission recommendation with public input on the renaming of Culver West Park in honor of former mayor and commissioner Richard Alexander – a decision has been made. Following an official ceremony early in 2006, the park will be known as “Culver West Alexander Park.”

Culver West was formerly “West End Park,” and the locals, partly because of the shape of the city and partly because they have LA 90066 mailing, have long felt like a “step child.” The park was renamed Culver West to identify that area as a part of Culver City. This new title will simply incorporate the Alexander name.

The attempt to honor Richard Alexander was unfortunately a painful experience with Alex’s family and friends, and pointed to the lack of process the City has in such matters. The City Council will soon review its policy in naming or renaming public places. Our Society should be involved to help shape a new policy. Your visionary input will be invaluable as a resource.

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