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February 1986 Message

President’s Message
by Julie Lugo Cerra

Dear Friends,

As I glance backwards, I see a lot of dedicated people, doing varied tasks, all converging into one road…the destination is preservation – the safe keeping of a Story. The Story begins with the Indians, continues on to the Ranchos: Rincon de los Bueyes & La Ballona, Spanish Landgrants, Civil War camp, Real Estate Developer Harry Culver, Families, a City called Culver, the Motion Picture Studios, emerging Business community, Annexations, Organizations, concerned Citizens, Redevelopment…and now, in the present, I see a couple walking their dog at dusk, reading a bronze plaque – at City Hall, the Legion Building, the Citizen Building, Hull Building, St. Augustine’s, Main Street and Studio…or a young family, sitting on a bus at the Fiesta, taking time to relax, and learn the story…a citizen talking into a tape recorder, telling a tale for posterity.

A woman with roots in this community, the city of her birth, is proud to be a part of this…to “preside” for four years, see continued growth, with a good feeling about the future, for the community and its historical society. She knows she will see continued nurturing of these noble goals in different hands…hands which are strong and capable…hands which will give a fresh slant on our tasks. This woman and I are the same, and as my term as your president draws to a close, it is fitting to say thank you…for your past support, and for the support of your new president…and the next one…and the next one…

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