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Fall 2005 Message

President’s Message
by Steven J. Rose

Our October 19th General Meeting will be our bi-annual election of officers according to the by-laws of the Society. The Nominating Committee is appointed by the president and made up of three Society members a Board member, a committee chair and a member from the general membership. This year, Anita Shapiro, Robert Duitsman and Carol Schwab have been chosen for the Nominating Committee, and will present their report to the general membership at the October 19th meeting.

For those interested in being nominated for a position on the Society’s Board, please contact anyone one of the three members or all three by either e-mail or telephone.

Here are their contacts:
Bob Duitsman: email: duitsy@yahoo.com and tel: (310) 645-6223.
Carol Schwab: email: carol.schwab@culvercity.org and tel: (310) 253-5660.
Anita Shapiro: email: anitagirls@aol.com and tel: (310) 837-7853.

Our program for the evening will be a delightful video of a tour of the historic Culver Studios, taped to document one of our early and highly successful fundraisers. Made in 1989, A Celebration of the Movies, was coordinated by former school board member, Diana Pannone, who arranged for the video to be made for the special event.

Remember: Get involved and become a part of history! I encourage you to call the Nominating Committee and submit your name for consideration – we need your active and creative support!

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