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Fall 1997 Message

President’s Message
by Hal Horne

Well here it is: my penultimate President’s Message.

Much has happened in the past four years, but I’ll focus more on that in February. Now, I want to focus on this month and the next two years.

November 19 is our next General Membership Meeting and our biennial election of officers. Up for consideration are the positions of President, Vice President Programs, Vice President Museum, Vice President Ways & Means, Secretary and Treasurer.

Your participation is so very important – this point cannot be overstated. We are now poised to explore and take advantage of new challenges and opportunities. Among the key projects that must be under taken during the next two years:

• Establish a permanent home to catalog and display our collection. This will and must be done, independent of City government. We will need to form a new partnership with private business, individuals and yes, the City. Ultimately, however, WE in the Culver City Historical Society must take the lead to create or own future and home.

• Explore new ways to raise funds to support our many projects, among which are the Museum and the marketing of additional historical sites such as the Culver Hotel, Ivy Substation and the Washington Building.

• Create and continue an aggressive outreach program to entice more residents and business to become Historical Society members. With a resident population of nearly 40,000, there is something amiss when only 200 (less than 1%) are dues-paying members.

• Sponsor new and exciting programs for the people of Culver City. This may include special “speaker” meetings in addition to our regular meetings; as well as expanded, enhanced outreach programs to our schools.

This may be the last time I’ll say this officially: It’s YOUR Historical Society. It requires all of us to do what we can to volunteer some of our time, talent and resources to make it succeed, to establish the home/Museum we all want and to make all of us proud to be living in the “Heart of Screenland.”

Please attend the November 19th meeting and participate.

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