Winter 1998 Message

President’s Message
by Hal Horne

It’s difficult to write about all the things that have happened in the past four years since I first became President of your Historical Society. I spent the last column talking about the future, so now’s the time to reflect on the past and to thank a lot of very special people.

Of the accomplishments I’m most proud of, two stand out. First, we’ve advanced our Reel Life in Culver City documentary project. The tremendous effort expended by Ross Hawkins and Julie Lugo Cerra has made our project known to producers, studio executives, film historians, film critics, actors, studio employees and distributors. We are optimistic that the first chapter, dealing with the period 1915-24, will be completed by mid-year. Reel Life will be an important contribution to our archive of history and to media history.

Second, the Historical Society’s standing as a tax-exempt organization has been finalized. This accomplishment will enable us to conduct more extensive fundraising and outreach in the years ahead to attain the one goal we’ve had above all others: our own museum
Along the way, we also produced and have had very healthy sales of Historic Culver City, a 30-minute video; we continued our popular city bus tours during Fiesta La Ballona; we sold hundreds of “Culver City…Heart of Screenland” license plate frames (we’re still getting orders, and every fire department vehicle in the city has one!); we continued to provide people locally and from around the country with information about our town; and we maintained excellent relationships with the City Council and staff administration, planning and redevelopment.

I’ve already mentioned the work of Julie and Ross have done on Reel Life. Their efforts also extended to other tasks, and their opinions and input were always appreciated. I also want to thank for their counsel work, discussions, disagreements and fun times: Connie Powell, Linda Edell, David Henderson, Bonnie Walsh, Lupe Smith, Cathy Zermeno, Judy Stangler, Jo Ellen Weaver, Esther Tarn, Joan Jakubowski, Sam Cerra, Lee Bixler, Ken Ruben, Edith Prager, Virgie Eskridge, Stuart Freeman, Kirk MacArthur Judy, Syd Kronenthal, Marc Wanamaker, Bob Sirchia, Todd Tipton, Susan Berg, Jody Hall-Esser, Mark Winogrond, Miriam Mack, Dora Gallo, Margaret Liu, Linda Shimada, and many, many others.

And, thank you to all the members of the Historical Society for your support. It was a fun four years of great learning and accomplishments.

I salute the incoming President and elected officers, and wish them the successes I’ve had.

Fall 1997 Message

President’s Message
by Hal Horne

Well here it is: my penultimate President’s Message.

Much has happened in the past four years, but I’ll focus more on that in February. Now, I want to focus on this month and the next two years.

November 19 is our next General Membership Meeting and our biennial election of officers. Up for consideration are the positions of President, Vice President Programs, Vice President Museum, Vice President Ways & Means, Secretary and Treasurer.

Your participation is so very important – this point cannot be overstated. We are now poised to explore and take advantage of new challenges and opportunities. Among the key projects that must be under taken during the next two years:

• Establish a permanent home to catalog and display our collection. This will and must be done, independent of City government. We will need to form a new partnership with private business, individuals and yes, the City. Ultimately, however, WE in the Culver City Historical Society must take the lead to create or own future and home.

• Explore new ways to raise funds to support our many projects, among which are the Museum and the marketing of additional historical sites such as the Culver Hotel, Ivy Substation and the Washington Building.

• Create and continue an aggressive outreach program to entice more residents and business to become Historical Society members. With a resident population of nearly 40,000, there is something amiss when only 200 (less than 1%) are dues-paying members.

• Sponsor new and exciting programs for the people of Culver City. This may include special “speaker” meetings in addition to our regular meetings; as well as expanded, enhanced outreach programs to our schools.

This may be the last time I’ll say this officially: It’s YOUR Historical Society. It requires all of us to do what we can to volunteer some of our time, talent and resources to make it succeed, to establish the home/Museum we all want and to make all of us proud to be living in the “Heart of Screenland.”

Please attend the November 19th meeting and participate.

Summer 1997 Message

by Hal Horne

Welcome to our new newsletter: You’ll notice the change in format, style and we’ve added pictures too! My thanks to our new Editor, Judy Stangler, our new Publisher, Lee Bixler and Contributing Editor, Ross Hawkins, for their efforts in putting together the brand new “Culver Historic Highlights,” and for their plans for the future.

On a personal note, my deepest appreciation to our retiring Editor/Publisher Carolyn Cole who prepared this newsletter for the past few years. Her willingness, perseverance and counsel were invaluable and I’ll always be grateful for her presence – and her cheerful nature, often under stressful circumstances.

As you’ll read throughout the newsletter, your Culver City Historical Society has been very busy. “Reel Life in Culver City” is rapidly moving forward; future fundraising activities will be exciting and different; and, by the end of this year, the CCHs will have entered a new era of its existence.

But most of all, the CCHS is the Society of its members for the community. Private individuals and corporations, government and educational organizations have all sought our help and resources and we have responded. Culver City, “The Heart of Screenland,” remains an attraction both for our ties to the entertainment industry and the rich heritage of those who have lived and worked here in the past. I urge all members to get involved and to encourage your neighbors to join the CCHS and do the same. Ours is a community effort and by working together we will ensure that Culver City’s history past and present is preserved for the future generations.

May 1995 Message

President’s Message
by Hal Horne

SMILE: During Fiesta La Ballona, our own Ross Hawkins and Mark Morris will be taping for a half-hour show about the Historical Society we are now producing for Continental Cable Television. Among the events to be video taped are highlights of the Historic City Tour and interviews of Society founding members. If you have any ideas or suggestions, call Ross at 839-5725.

ELECTION ’95 – Though the BIG election is a year away, ours is this November when new officers for the Historical Society are chosen. If you’ve always wanted to contribute to the future and help the Society set its direction, here’s your opportunity. The time commitment is minimal, but the rewards are great.

The elected positions are President, V.P. Programs, V.P. Museum, V.P. Ways & Means, Secretary, and Treasurer. If you’re ready to throw your hat into the ring, call Parliamentarian Esther Tarn at 839-8454 by August 31st.

DUES INCREASE: With costs of printing and postage on the rise, the Board of Directors voted in April to present a Dues Increase Proposal to the membership at the May General Meeting.
The proposals would, effective September 1, 1995, increase Individual and Service Group Memberships to $15 and $20 respectively; and create a Family Lifetime Membership at $250. If you haven’t paid your 1995 dues, now might be the time.

WILL IT COMPUTE: We recently received hard-bound copies of the Citizen (1926-51) from Roy Donovan. Fred Machado and Jim Robertson are presently cataloging the features onto index cards, but we surely could use some “automated” help. If any member has a database system they’d like to donate to this important effort, please call me at 202-6197.

MOVIE, MOVIE: The Los Angeles Conservancy will present in June their “Last Remaining Seats” series of classic motion pictures each Wednesday evening at 8:00pm. The films to be screened are June 7th, “The General” with Buster Keaton at the Orpheum Theater; June 14th “His Girl Friday” with Cary Grant and Rosaline Russell at the Palace Theater; June 21st, Laurel & Hardy’s “Sons of the Desert” at the Los Angeles Theatre; and June 28th, the original screen print of “Vertigo” at the State Theatre.

Advance Tickets are $12 each or $40 for the series. Call the Conservancy at (213) 896-9114 for more information.