Winter 2007 Message

President’s Message

by: Cathy Zermeno

My very best wishes to you all for a very Happy New Year – may all your days be happy ones in 2007!

We had a wonderful 2006:
▪ The City granted us a space to house our memorabilia, to organize the archives, and to work on a great many research projects! It’s been a longtime coming and we are most grateful to the City to work with us to save the history of our very unique community. It is the Society’s task to secure the past and present for future generations yet to come. Soon, we will be putting out the word for volunteers to help us in this mission.

▪ Our annual picnic was a great success! Special guests Susan Ince Bice (granddaughter of film pioneer Thomas Ince) and her husband Dick, City Manager Jerry Fulwood, Director of Parks, Rec. & Community Services Bill La Pointe, along with City Councilman & Past Society President Steve Rose and longtime friend Ed Little, all joined in this annual gathering to share not only some very fine food, but to also have a lot of fun!

▪ CCHS Historic Site #11— “Camp Latham” – was marked with much fanfare on November 12 at the Rotary Plaza. Kudos go the Historic Site Chair Sam Cerra and his committee which worked so hard on researching the history of Camp Latham. (See Page 1 and the Centerfold for more coverage of this wonderful occasion.) Special thanks to Commander Glen Roosevelt and his dedicated Civil War Union group, to Rotary President Jim Machado, to Lynn Caron who prepared a lovely reception following the unveiling of the marker, and to our wonderful emcee, Julie Lugo Cerra.

All in all, we have had a very exciting and busy year, and I look forward to 2007 with lots more exciting events and programs. Again, “Happy New Year” to everyone and I hope to see you at the January 17, 2007 General Membership Meeting!

Fall 2006 Message

President’s Message
by Cathy Zermeno

While I had originally started my column by talking about summer events and our Annual Picnic (which was a huge success!) the BIG NEWS for the Society is the confirmation of a permanent site for our long-awaited Culver City Heritage Museum!

On Monday, Sept. 25th, the City Council passed Agenda Item A-2 and entered into a long-term agreement with the Society for a site in the Veterans Memorial complex that we will immediately begin to make plans for not only the Museum, but for a variety of activities, programs, etc. that we have been working on for so many years.

As the Founding President of the CC Historical Society, it is especially sweet to have this come during my second term as Society President. I pledge to you that we will all take this wonderful opportunity and start along our “yellow brick road” to firmly establish the Society’s importance and contributions to the city and to the community. I also want to thank everyone who were able to attend the meeting and sent emails on behalf of the Society to help pass A-2. Congratulations to us all – we did it!

I do hope everyone had a great summer and had the chance to attend this year’s Fiesta La Ballona and some of the concerts held at the City Hall’s patio. It was a hot summer, but lots of fun things were happening!

Finally, I am also very proud to have been able to nominate our own Museum VP, Robin Turner as a Lions Club “Unsung Hero” as she is very deserving of this award. (See Pg. 1 story.) Her professional status as a respected archeologist, has brought a new dimension to our “history gathering” and she will tell us more about this when she speaks on “Sifting Through Culver Sands” at the Fall General Meeting on Wednesday, October 18th. See you there!

Summer 2006 Message

President’s Message
by Cathy Zermeno

Summer is here and it is a beautiful time of the year. Daylight Saving Time increases our “evening hours” and enables us to enjoy the many old and new attractions of our City. And, there are so many great things happening in our City: lots of fine restaurants, first-class movie theaters, live theater and musical performances, parks to enjoy – Culver City has indeed developed into a really fun city!

The next CCHS General Meeting will be the Society’s annual “Picnic in the Park.” This year it is scheduled for Wednesday, July 19, and will be held at Carlson Park. Because our Picnic has more than a quarter of a century history, I think our readers will be interested in how we started our annual Picnics and so I have jotted down a brief overview (see “The First Picnic” story on Page 4).

Since that first picnic twenty-five years ago, the Society has continued the tradition, holding an annual picnic each summer at one of our beautiful City parks. It is my pleasure to invite you all to join us at this year’s annual “Picnic in the Park.” As always, it will be a potluck meal and you can bet there will be lots of delicious food for everyone!

Please call 1st VP Marty Nickolson at: (310) 253-6662, or me at: (310) 839-7688. Let us know that you will be joining us and what food items you will be bringing. The Society will supply soft drinks, plates & cups, and plastic utensils. Come and renew long-time friendships – and make new friends!

Looking forward to seeing you on the 19th…

Spring 2006 Message

President’s Message
by Cathy Zermeno

The January 18th Installation was a perfect evening and one I will never forget! A very special thanks goes to Event Chair Julie Lugo Cerra who not only did her usual outstanding job, but helped continue both the heritage of the Society and of Culver City.

For the Society: 25 years ago, Julie’s father, Charlie Lugo, was the installing officer for the first CCHS Board of which, I’m proud to say, I was the founding President. It was indeed a pleasure to have Julie and her brother Carlos Lugo do the honors for this year’s Installation.

For Culver City: The Lugo Family is a very important part of our history. Its ancestors were at the founding of the Pueblo de Los Angeles and inter-married with the Machado Family. Among the descendants were the “Machado Brothers” (Agustin & Ygnacio) that our Living History project spotlighted this year (see pg. 7). Agustin’s daughter, Vicenta, married Francisco Lugo, the great-grandfather of Julie & Carlos Lugo. And so, the direct line of history continues.

I have several goals for the next two years, including the preservation of the MGM costumes which the Society is overseeing for the City, working toward establishing our Museum open to the public, and, perhaps most importantly, increasing our membership with new blood and new ideas. In future newsletters, I will discuss these and other issues more fully. Until then, I look forward to seeing you all at the Spring General Meeting on April 19th!