ARC Update Summer 2007

by: Robin Turner, Vice President, Museum

Even though it seemed like moving into our new Culver City Historical Society Archive and Research Center (ARC) took forever to do, we are now moving quite quickly in getting tasks ready for volunteers to help start organizing parts of our collection. With a fantastic group led by CCHS Board members, much as been accomplished in the past several weeks!

During Spring Break, Costume Committee Chair Louise Coffey-Webb and her students counted, identified, and organized the vintage MGM costumes that are in our possession.

We’ve also managed to put the Syd Kronenthal collection and the Olympic items together, separate out the Exchange Club materials, as well as the Sister City items, and have a few tasks ready to start the volunteer program.

We also had a crew – comprised of CC Mayor Alan Corlin, Redevelopment Chair and past CCHS President Steve Rose, and Civil Service Commissioner Dan Gallagher – to set up the new light tables and move heavy furniture. THANK YOU, guys!

Special thanks to Sony archivist Colin Greene who, at the beginning of June, took time from his busy schedule to teach some of us how to curate collections properly as well as giving tips on archiving techniques.

Colin and some of his crew came back the next day to help rearrange our furniture and give us pointers on how and where to set up our exhibits.

By the end of the first week of June, Board members had sorted many of the basic collections (mostly in boxes) so that we will be ready for our volunteers to come in and help get the ARC in order. A daunting task – but we know our members are up to it!

Starting June 23rd, the ARC will be open for volunteers to help. Initially, our hours will be every Saturday from 9am to noon and Thursdays from 10am to noon. As we get more organized, we will expand the hours and assign specific tasks. If you are available to help in this process, please call Cathy Zermeno at (310) 839-7688 or Robin Turner at (310) 836-5508 to let us know your availability.

The first two projects we will tackle will be to get the Julian Dixon book collection in order and into the new bookshelves that Andrew Weissman so generously donated to the ARC. The second will be to identify and catalog the many photographs and paintings that we have collected throughout the years.

Here is our Wish List for supplies and display items that we need before we can truly be “open to the public.”
• Cases that “hug” the walls and are not imposing into our small area where the items can be viewed. There will be limited space to walk around to view the various exhibits and we need to plan for the future.
• Cases expressly for displaying the MGM costumes and other such items in our collection. We have determined that these cases will cost between $1,000 – $2,000 each, and requesting donations. For this sponsorship opportunity, we will attach a “donated by” plaque to each case in appreciation of your donation.

All of these items will be discussed and further updates will be shared at the Annual Picnic General Membership meeting on July 18th. Also, we will have brief tours of the ARC during the picnic to let you all see what’s happening. With the upcoming Fiesta La Ballona right around the corner, we will also need help in getting the ARC ready for the public mini-tours during the Fiesta weekend of August 24-26.

Again, let me thank everyone that has helped in getting the ARC ready to this point. We have a fabulous Board and a membership that I’ve found is always ready to help.

See you at the picnic meeting!

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