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by Martha & Sol Sigall, Vice President, Museum/ARC

As the year 2009 comes to a close, we wish to thank all of our members who have added to the stature and growth of the CCHS Archives & Resource Center (ARC).

We have been so fortunate to have had many interesting visitors throughout the year, and we are grateful for the many donations of historic value that we have received for our Archives.


Our longtime member, Maxine Mytar, whose career in Culver City movie studios spanned 47 years, has generously donated numerous items including a lovely scarf worn by Greta Garbo in a movie in which she starred. Maxine’s son Randy painted a beautiful water color of the Culver Hotel, which he also donated for the city’s 90th Anniversary. Look for both the scarf and the painting which are on display in the Archives.

Another member who has helped us tremendously is David Pelayo, who worked at MGM for many years.

David furnished us with production lists containing movie titles and film credits. These lists will be enormously helpful in identifying the many production photos in our collection.

The Hahn Family continues to contribute historical materials. Bill Hahn donated his recently completed work, A History of Boy Scout Troop 61, from 1934-1941.

Special thanks to Steve Rose and the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, for donating a very special lighted MGM lobby piece, and to CCHS President Stu Freeman, who was able to find someone to get it back in service!

And we are particularly grateful to third-year college student, Rita Lugo, who is writing a paper on the movie industry and Culver City, and who volunteered time at the ARC during her research. It’s wonderful to have the next generations appreciate our work.

As you know, the ARC is open on the first and third Saturdays of each month, and by appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon – and, if you have some time to give, we need volunteers to sort and catalog our many treasures.

We wish all of you a “Happy New Year,” and our hopes that you and your families and friends will continue to add to the success of the Culver City Historical Society Archives and Resource Center. And we are so happy to welcome the very talented and techno-savvy new Vice President, Museum/Archives: Winston Gieseke. He’s sure to do some great things!

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