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Summer 2022 Message

Hello Members, Friends, and Neighbors,

As we enter summer, lots has been going on! In May, the Historical Society accepted a proclamation from the City of Culver City, recognizing Historic Preservation Month and the work we continue to do in our community. We co-hosted our second event with Jim Shanman and the Culver City Walk ‘n Rollers, this time on bicycles, learning our local historic sites with fantastic docents at each stop. Thanks to Denice Renteria for liaising the collaboration! We also continue our work inside the museum – entering data, changing up exhibits, and collecting donations from our community and friends for items to preserve in the collection.

Did you know that your Culver City Historical Society is now 42 years old? Early on, we moved our young collection around to several temporary spots around our city, looking for a place to grow. Fast forward to the September 25, 2006, City Council Meeting and Item A-2, wherein the Culver City Historical Society entered into a long-term agreement with the City for our current space in the Veteran’s Memorial Complex. So, happy Sweet Sixteen!

As we all know, technology has sped up and changed over 40 years (hello, dial-up?). We express our deep gratitude to the City of Culver City and Veteran’s Memorial Complex staff for helping us solve our internet issues. This has been a challenge for many years and we appreciate the high speed wi-fi!

I am excited that VP of Programs Clare Denk is taking our July General Program “on the road,” and hope many of you will join us for the Saturday evening, July 23 magical tour of the Hobbit Houses.

We have so many opportunities for involvement! If you find time on your hands, reach out and join us on this road of preserving our city’s history – 40+ years and counting!

Best wishes and thanks to you all,


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