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Samitaur Tower free event

Samitaur TowerThe Culver City Historical Society partnered with Samitaur Constructs on a public arts project involving some of our historic images, student artists, and their Samitaur Tower, located near the Culver City EXPO stop, at the corner of Hayden and National.

Student artists from Savannah College of Art and Design and University of New Mexico were given this “canvas” of 10 screens on the Samitaur Tower and asked to explore the question of how does an image make an impact in short amount of time in a non-traditional view (from a car, train). This was an experiment on how to display content to the public, and most of the work was done remotely. The Tower is like no other display system in the world — an amazing opportunity for these students. The students were told to interpret the images, but no manipulation. Our historical images are a part of the 20 minute segment that was created.

Samitaur is planning to run the show on the Tower for about one and a half hours on Thursday evening, July 31, beginning at sunset, around 8pm until 9:30pm. The show runs about 20 minutes, and they will loop it, so it will be viewed about six times.

There are several vantage points to view the project on the Tower — from the bike path, from the EXPO train, from the street. (By all means, stay safe!) Drive by, park and walk, hop on the EXPO and go for a ride!

Kurt Kratchman, from Samitaur, and who moderated the project, will be at the Tower on Thursday evening to answer questions.

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