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It’s a Sign!

Notes From Your City Historian
by Julie Lugo Cerra

On Tuesday evening, June 26th, a beacon of light shining again from the historic Beacon Laundry Building. The neon lights alternately started flashing Beacon’s and Helms, under a rotating beacon above. The structure’s rehabilitation by Walter N. Marks Inc. is scheduled for completion in September. It will become a part of the Helms Furniture District. I would not be surprised if Wally has plans for the Helms sign renovation next!

Special thanks to Jim Quirarte, who helped rescue volumes of bound Evening Star News newspapers. They are being donated by Bob Thompson of the Hal Thompson Co. (Industrial Realtors). These will be archived in the Society’s WLAC facility in the near future.

For those who have an interest in the Culver City Airport, I thought you might enjoy this unusual photo. We knew that Harry Culver flew his plane out of the Culver City Airport, but did you know the Goodyear Blimp flew in and out, too? Photo is courtesy of “cuz” Fred Machado.
Culver City teachers will have a teachers manual for community and local history in the fall. It was my pleasure to write this, the first revised manual since the ‘60s. It is also on CD, with a companion documentary produced by CC High School’s Visual and Performing Arts Academy.

Special thanks to fellow docents, Susan Berg, Sandy Burton, and Michele Cerra who joined in the fun taking, “Historic Highlights Tours of Culver City” during the Fiesta La Ballona.

The community is missing a very special person, Mike Balkman. Words are totally inadequate to describe the sense of loss of a friend, a hard worker, and a former mayor and councilmember, who saw things clearly and operated from that stance. Mike was always willing to help, especially when children were involved. His is missed every day. Mike died in April. He will always be a positive part of Culver City History.

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