Summer 2004 Message

President’s Message
by Steven J. Rose

“It’s summertime and all is easy!” Though maybe not completely with your Culver City Historical Society where we are working on our new museum space at the Bank of the West in beautiful Downtown Culver City.

We’re calling on all our members and friends for their help and support in organizing the museum so we can open it to the public by the end of the year. If you can you do computer input, dust, organize, build shelves, file, “identify” – we need you! If you can paint, clean, obtain donations, find new historical artifacts, or just HELP out – we need you!

Please contact our new and very energetic Museum VP, Robin Turner, by phone (310.287.3850) or by email ( Let her know you’re interested in being involved in this great summertime project!

Or you might want to volunteer at the Fiesta La Ballona in the Society’s booth. Come out and be a part of the action!

We’ll have a great opportunity to gather together and talk about our history and the Society’s upcoming programs at our annual “Picnic in the Park” on July 21, 2004 at Veterans Park. Give Anita Shapiro a call at 310.837.7853 to let her know what potluck item you’ll be bringing.

So, it’s summertime and all IS going well at your Culver City Historical Society!
Become involved…

Spring 2004 Message

President’s Message
by Steven J. Rose

April is here and with it comes Spring bringing a renewal of its beauty. Winter has ended and we will feel the sun’s warmth brightening our lives in the coming months!

The Culver City Historical Society is embracing Spring with a new site for our archives and memorabilia in downtown Culver City, above the Bank of the West. With much hard work, we will be opening our doors to the public in the near future with what we hope will be a precursor to our longed-for dream of a museum. It is my hope that when we do, both the public and the government will look upon it as a safe and secure site to place our history on display.

Our new facility will offer exhibits and research opportunities on the history of Culver City and the whole of La Ballona Valley. In the coming months, Robin Turner, our new Museum VP, will be scheduling work parties to bring our hopes and wishes into reality. I might add that Robin has some pretty impressive credentials: She is an archaeologist and paleontologist who has worked in Southern California for the past 15 years, notably consulting and volunteering with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, as well as owning her own archaeo/paleo business. I encourage you to join her.

Please remember to attend our April 21st General Meeting to learn more about a new treasure in Culver City – the Mary Pickford Institute. We’re delighted to have them tell us more about their work and to join us here, in “The Heart of Screenland.”

Keeping history alive for the future…

Spring 2003 Message

President’s Message
by Steven J. Rose

Spring is here! And with it comes our April General Membership Meeting with special guest speaker, film and TV director, Joseph Newman. I know you’ll enjoy hearing about local filmmaking in the early days from someone who witnessed them firsthand!

Your Board members are also looking forward to a very active summer as the Society turns its efforts to two exciting programs for the week-long Fiesta La Ballona.

First is a proposed walking tour of downtown Culver City for both Culverites and visitors to the Fiesta. The tours will be all-encompassing, explaining the history of the area as well as previewing what the future will bring to downtown Culver City. We thank Julie Lugo Cerra, the City Historian and past president of the Society, for generating this idea.

A second program under works is an event to honor local resident, Carl Pitti, whose family moved to Culver City in the ‘20s and who, like his father before him, was a noted stuntman in movies for many years. Scheduled for Friday, August 22nd, plans are in the works for a western-themed barbeque and film clips from some of Carl’s movies. Mark your calendars for this wonderful tribute to one of the great cowboy stuntmen of the movies.

We have several committees and taskforces which are working to make the Society a better organization, but we also need our members to take an active part. Your involvement will reap rewards not only for the Society’s future but for personal satisfaction as well. So get involved and participate!

Looking forward to seeing you all on April 16th for our quarterly meeting!

Winter 2003 Message

President’s Message
by Steven J. Rose

HAPPY 2003! As another year passes into history, we in the Culver City Historical Society are very proud of this pas year’s accomplishments and look forward to the events and programs planned for 2003. Many folks have given hours of dedicated time and deserve our thanks for all their hard work.

On Thursday, January 23, 2003, we will premiere our “Living History” Project chaired by Julie Lugo Cerra and Joan Jakubowski (until Joan’s recent resignation due to health issues). Both have worked on vignettes of historic people and moments in the formation of Culver City and the area that is now Culver City. Julie is working with Culver City High School students to present this as an ongoing program that will hopefully grow into a Culver City tradition.

Ways & Means Vice President, Martha Gunther, has chaired the production of our new Historic Note Cards program which is in it’s first printing and proving to be another successful fundraiser for the Society. The proceeds for these cards, along with the extremely successful historic throws chaired by Reba Yudess, are helping to move us closer to our dream of having a Culver City Heritage Museum.

Thanks also to Susan Berg, Marc Wanamaker, Ross Hawkings and Scott Malsin for all the behind-the-scenes work they have given to organize and archive the Society’s collection of memorabilia and artifacts and for computerizing this collection.

Become a part of history – attend the premiere of the Society’s “Living History” at the Sony Black Box Theatre at Culver City High School on January 23rd. See you there!

Fall 2002 Message

President’s Message
by Steven J. Rose

As the first anniversary of September 11, 2001 is commemorated in thousands of ways across America and the world, we all will look back at the changes it brought to the ways we live our lives. I can not forget how this event so close to all of us will become an historical part of our society and in future years how it will be written about by historians and taught to our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren. The way we carry on our lives today will reflect in tomorrow’s history.

I believe that as members of Culver City Historical Society our mission is to preserve history. As citizens of Culver City and America our goal is to make sure that the history we make today will be something that we can all be proud of as it is written down in future history books and preserved in the archives of government and in the City’s organizations that we all belong to. Let each of us as members of the Culver City Historical Society work to make our history that which we can be proud of today and tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing all of you at our first “Antiques and Collectibles Clinic” at West Los Angeles College on September 21, 2002. Bring up to 5 items and learn more about the value of your antiques and collectibles. Come out and join the fun!