Profile: The Wende Museum

Justinian Jampol - Culver City Historical SocietyIn the early 1990s, the Cold War came to a dramatic end. Since then, historical landmarks have been torn down, statues have been vandalized and documents have been destroyed throughout Eastern Europe.

Founder and Executive Director Justinian Jampol established The Wende Museum and Archive of the Cold War as a non-profit organization in 2002. His mission has been dedicated to acquiring, preserving, and offering access to these materials of Cold War-era Eastern Europe, providing a unique way for students, scholars, journalists and political observers to investigate life and culture under communist rule.

Stu Freeman and Justin Jampol - Culver City Historical SocietyHoused in a facility on Buckingham Parkway in Culver City, the collection encompasses artifacts and archives from the former Warsaw Pact states and emphasizes life in the Soviet Union and East Germany during the Cold War. The collection includes over 100,000 objects and archival materials, including household consumer products, clothing, folk art, diaries and scrapbooks, political iconography, photo albums, posters, films, textbooks, paintings, sports awards and certificates and children’s toys, plus a 2.6 ton segment of the Berlin Wall painted by renowned wall artist Thierry Noir.

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Society features Founder of Local Cold War Museum

Society features Founder of Local Cold War Museum - Culver City Historical SocietyJustinian Jampol, Founder and Director of the Culver City based Wende Museum and Archive of the Cold War, is the featured speaker at the Culver City Historical Society’s general meeting on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 7 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room in Veterans Auditorium. The Wende Museum preserves the cultural artifacts and personal histories of Cold War-era Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union to inform and give understanding of that period and its legacy. Jampol will describe the collections and artifacts, the Berlin Wall Display and the purposes and goals of this museum which was established in 2002. More information about this museum can be seen here.

The public is invited to enjoy this free program and students are encouraged to attend. The CCHS Archives & Resource Center (ARC) will be open following the meeting. Entrance to the meeting is through the back parking lot of the Veterans Memorial Building at 4117 Overland Avenue in Culver City.

For more information, please call the Society at (310) 253-6941 or inquire by e-mail at Also, check back here for updates.