Fall 2010 Message

Stu Freeman - Culver City Historical SocietyPresident’s Message
by Stu Freeman, President

In our last newsletter, I mentioned that we have acquired many of the wonderful Our Gang comedies as well as numerous Laurel & Hardy comedies on DVDs for screening at the CCHS Archives & Research Center. We have now added another 80 Our Gang DVDs and we are presently trying to obtain the entire Laurel & Hardy collection. You owe it to yourselves to come by the Archives and enjoy these wonderful, timeless comedies.

Remember, these classic films were made in Culver City at the Hal Roach Studios – the “Laugh Factory to the World” from 1919 to 1963 – and on locations shot around the city. The Sons of the Desert placed a marker in the parkette at National and Washington Boulevards to commemorate this “bastion of family entertainment.”

We have made some wonderful improvements at the ARC that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. If you haven’t been by recently, please come visit and see the ever-changing displays and new items of Culver City’s multi-faceted history.

I would like to personally thank everyone who came to our annual July Picnic at Vets Park. It was the best-attended event that we have ever had and it was clear that everyone really enjoyed themselves. Thanks go to our VP of Programs, Steve Fry, and his Dixieland Band, and to Jim Rodrigues who served up his excellent Santa Maria BBQ.

Thank you all for your continued support. Your Board, Committee Chairs and I sincerely appreciate it.

See you at the ARC!

Summer 2010 Message

Stu Freeman - Culver City Historical SocietyPresident’s Message
by Stu Freeman, President

Under the guidance of our VP, Museum/ARC, Winston Gieseke, and the help of our great volunteers, we have uncovered many interesting and unique items in our Archives. I’d like to tell you about a very remarkable document that is currently on display at the ARC: a publication of the Culver City Evening Star News, dated Friday, August 18, 1944, called “The Honor Roll.”

It is a special edition of the newspaper that pictured and listed all of the men and women from Culver City who served in World War II. It lists their addresses, their school affiliations and where and how they were serving.

I urge you all to come see this significant document. If you or a family member or friend are one of these special people, we would very much like to interview you for our oral history project. Or if you know of any friends or family who may be included in “The Honor Roll,” please contact them as well.

“The Honor Roll” as well as the 1928 newspaper with a feature story on Culver City’s “First Park”—which was designated CCHS Historic Site #12—will be available for viewing at our Archives on the first and third Saturdays of the month, and by appointment. And don’t forget our annual picnic on Wednesday, July 21st. This year, it will be catered for the first time—and we will have a great Dixieland band!

Come share the fun with your family and neighbors.

Spring 2010 Message

Stu Freeman - Culver City Historical SocietyThis year is shaping up to be a lot of fun and we want you to join us.

On the Saturdays that the ARC is open – the first and third of each month – we will be screening DVDs of some of your favorite Laurel & Hardy and Our Gang comedies which were made right here at the Hal Roach Studios in Culver City (marked with a plaque at the SW corner of Washington & National Blvds.) Come laugh with us and have a good time (sorry, no popcorn in the ARC!)

We have a full calendar planned, including the following:

  • In April, at our General Meeting, Cali Rose will present songs that made Culver City famous.
  • In May, we will be marking Carlson Park as the Society’s Historical Site #12 (full story on pg. 1).
  • And in July, our annual picnic will have a little different twist this year. Steve Fry, our VP, Programs (who is planning all kinds of fun and interesting events) will provide us with a Dixieland Band and a catered dinner.

So please save the dates (see Page 6), and come celebrate this wonderful town that we all call home. We are looking forward to seeing you at these upcoming events and at the ARC on the first and third Saturdays of the month – and we invite you to become a CCHS volunteer!

Stu Freeman

Winter 2010 Message

Stu Freeman - Culver City Historical Society2009 has rapidly come to an end and what a great year it was for your Historical Society.

The programs at our quarterly General Meetings saw overflow attendance, bringing a good deal of history to life with wonderful speakers and presentations. The September 20th “Celebration of the Movies II” was a huge success, allowing our guests the rare opportunity of visiting the historic Culver Studios lot. Please know that the continued support of our members and the community is sincerely appreciated.

I want to thank our CCHS Board Members and Committee Chairs for their hard work and commitment to keep Culver City history alive for you and for future generations. I am also very pleased to have the confidence of the Society to continue as your CCHS President for a second term – along with the current Board Members and Committee Chairs who will remain in office for another two years, though some with different titles and duties. It is gratifying to be able to continue working on the many projects and programs that have been started during my first term. Working together, I know we will accomplish even more in the future.

As we begin 2010, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very “Happy& Healthy New Year” and a joyous Holiday Season.

Stu Freeman

Fall 2009 Message

by Stu Freeman

I hope you were among the many happy “film buffs” who attended the Culver City Historical Society’s “Celebration of the Movies II” on Sunday, September 20th – which was also the 92nd Anniversary of Culver City’s Incorporation.

It was a great afternoon due to the tremendous amount of time and planning given by so many of our members and friends.

I want to first thank The Culver Studios for allowing us the privilege of having our event at the studio. It was the perfect venue, and their support was invaluable, as was that of the Culver Hotel.

I would also like to thank the Downtown Business Assoc. and all the businesses and individuals who so generously contributed to the success of our event with their financial support, both in donations and special discounts to our guests.

I would further like to thank our Event Chair, Julie Lugo Cerra, and her Committee who worked so hard and were so creative in putting this event together.

One of our goals at the Historical Society is to present quality events and quarterly programs that you can enjoy and also learn about our city’s unique history – with the hope that you will want to get more involved with the Society.

Please consider this an invitation to join the Culver City Historical Society. We welcome your participation. Many interesting events and activities are being planned right now – be a part of the action!

Stu Freeman